Former Browns #1 Draft Pick Tim Couch Is Selling His Incredible Kentucky Home For $4.8 Million


Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch is selling his custom-built mansion in Lexington, KY, for $4.75 million.

The home’s highlighted by a basement that includes a media room with tiered seating, billiard room, wine room, massage room, gym, and two bathrooms—one with a urinal, according to listing agent Whitney Pannell.

Annnnnd I feel poor. Tim Couch is viewed by many as one of the biggest draft busts of all time. Here’s a little secret- he’s not. Not even close. The team that was assembled around him was Grade-A garbage meat.  I’d cut off my left nut this second if that meant the Browns could have Couch under center Sunday vs. the Titans. Maybe I’m crazy and “absence makes the heart grows fonder” but I honestly believe Couch was the best quarterback we’ve had since 1999.

This just shows you how nice the other half has it. Known as a “draft bust” he’s still living lavishly in an almost $5 million house 16 years after he was selected first overall. Must be nice.

Here are some other pics of his house via

And yes I realize this story is about a month old.


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