Mishmash- Man is brought to tears because his weed is so good; Guy punches kangaroo; Lion tamer mauled 

Cleveland pic of the day

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. 📷🌆Clevelandgram Feature🌆📷 ____________________________________ After a holiday weekend, getting over hump day feels extra special. 🐪 When visitors come back to town, even if for a short while, they love sharing some snaps, including this one by 👉@daniel_john814 👈 with a great view of the land. Please go check out his gallery and show some love! ____________________________________ Photo selected by: @inthe216 _ Follow and tag #clevelandgram or #humansofcleveland for a chance to be featured. Direct message us for guest moderator features. Please note, we cannot see posts from private accounts. Thank You! _ #cleveland #ohio #dtcle #theland #thisiscle #believeland #clevelandohio

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Never seen a punter as happy as Marquette King with this penalty flag

This beer can Christmas tree is very impressive

A lion attacks a lion tamer in Egypt. The man did not survive

I love this guy punching a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog

This man was brought to tears after he took a hit of weed

This right here will be the best video you see on the Internet this week

90’s song of the day

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