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Kevin Love Was Incredible Last Night

That. Was. AWESOME. Watching this I started jumping off of my couch when he had like 12 points. It was just so unexpected and out of nowhere. The second most points ever scored in a quarter in NBA history from Kevin Love?? Third wheel Kevin Love? If we start seeing the same types of numbers from Kevin that he put up in Minnesota then look out.

It’s one of those regular season performances that will always stick with me- LeBron’s 16 points in like 2 minutes vs the Bucks; Josh Gordon’s back to back 200 yards games in 2013; and that one random Friday night when Lonnie Chisenhall had 9 RBI vs the Rangers a few years ago.

Here’s a little something I’m thankful for today:



This game was more impressive than Klay’s 37 in one quarter and I’ll allow RJ to explain why


This Video Footage From A Drone Flying Over LeBron’s House Is Pretty Sweet

That’s Cleveland Cavalier and NBA Champion LeBron James to you.

Nice little pad here I guess. I’ve seen pics from the outside but have never seen his backyard/pool area and I’ve gotta say, I expected the best basketball player and most famous athlete in the world to have a better pool set up. Where’s the grotto or water slide? Diving board? Hell, I’ve been in nicer pools than LeBron’s while I was growing up in Willoughby Hills. I feel bad for LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus that they’ll have to grow up without a good pool to swim in. Must be rough, man. Must be rough.

King James Court looks dope though

According To Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat, Here’s What The Cavs Championship Rings Look Like

Can you… can you marry a piece of jewelry? Because I want to marry that ring right now.


It still hasn’t 100% hit me that the Cavs won the championship. I’m probably at about an 85% right now but once those rings get handed out to the players and the banner gets hung before the first game vs. the New York Superteam Knicks is when it’ll truly sink all the way in. I’m still fully entrenched with all of the “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals” jokes that sometimes I forget that we’ll be hanging that banner on October 25th.

The Cleveland skyline and the Roman Numeral “52” (as in 52 years since Cleveland’s last championship) are an awesome touch


UPDATE: Forgot the Cavs were going 0-82 this season because we’re about to be infected with The Kardashian so enjoy these rings while you can, Cavs fans