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Email- I Celebrated The Cavs Win Too Hard And Severely Sprained My Ankle

Here is a link to a 38 second video of me celebrating the Cavs win by jumping up and down and severely spraining my ankle. Worth it. In the process I threw over my kid’s playground.

Here is an ‘after’ picture of the damage to my foot. 6 weeks Boot/Crutches. Let me know if you post it.



Whoops! In our neverending quest to post the best reaction videos to the Cavs victory last Sunday, some videos stick out a little more than others. Take Bruce here, for example. Just celebrating his team’s first title, happy as can be, throwing some shit around, screaming his head off… then boom, his ankle turns the wrong way, he hears a pop, and now he’s in a walking boot and using crutches for the next six weeks. Sucks, I guess? I’m sure Bruce would gladly sprain his ankle every day for the rest of the year if it meant a title next season too. Walk it off, Bruce. Walk it off.

This reminds me of a question posed by the producer of TNT’s Shaqtin A Fool and I still stick by my answer:


ALSO- I’m totally ignoring that it seems that he sprained his right foot and the picture is of his left foot. I don’t want a good/funny story ruined by lies.

UPDATE: Bruce emailed a pic of his foot to prove it wasn’t a hoax


Videos: Over One Hundred Reaction Videos From The Cavs Winning A Title

This is a running blog post. New videos will be posted daily as people keep submitting them. Check in for updates!

After the Cavs beat the greatest bestest most amazing wholesome golden team of all time Sunday night, you knew there’d be some A+ reactions. 52 years of pent up excitement will do that to you. When Kyrie hit that 3 the city collectively lost its mind and when the clock hit 0 it was absolute mayhem inside of the Q, outside at the watch party, inside the local bars, and all around northeast Ohio. Here’s a collection of reader submitted reaction videos and videos I’ve seen floating around social media.

First off, let’s hear and watch Fred McLeod’s call:

Then there were The Bros In The Basement

The casino was LITTTTTT

Shirts at the bar are for dorks anyway

Just a man and his dog. Loved this one.

Go nuts Hollywood

The Clevelander looked fun


Happy Fathers Day indeed

Do I hear some firecrackers and… a trumpet??

YO! Where’d they go??

East Fourth was a damn party


A few generations celebrating their first championship together. Love it.

Toe touches for the boys

Victory Alley I believe

Brick Stone Bar

Let’s go inside the Q


Let’s head outside the Q:

Champagne showers

Gas station dabs

Needed that foul shot


Love this passion







NYC Browns Backers Bar!


Just a sea of people

Jump Around!

House Of Blues


Some more We Are The Champions

Seems a tad unsafe but who cares


Love it

Fire and fireworks. Proud to be an American.


Slow motion

The line at Dicks

East 4th and Prospect

East 4th and Euclid


The entire final minute


Pretty pretty awesome

At Knuckleheads in Parma




Today Is The Biggest Game Of Your Life, Enjoy Every Second Of It

So I’m sitting in my home office browsing the Internet and drinking a Grapefruit Shandy and eating Doritos. It’s 12:30 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and I just finished watching the last installment of the OJ 30 For 30. I didn’t go out tonight because I want to make sure I’m as well rested as I can be for Sunday.

Today is the biggest game of our lives.

I know we speak in hyperbole probably around 75% of the time on this site but I don’t think this is even debatable. This is the biggest sporting event in Cleveland history and arguably one of the biggest games in NBA history. The game to send a team to immortality or the game to break a city’s 52 year old curse.

Game 7. The back to back MVP. The best regular season team of all time. Cleveland. The best player in the world. Steph. LeBron. The curse. The on court drama. The off court drama. Ayesha. Throwing mouthpieces. Undertaker shirts. Conspiracy theories. Man’s league. Suspensions. Kyrie. Game 7.

In all honesty I have no idea what to expect tonight. No team has ever came back in a Finals series being down 3-1. I won’t know what to do if that one thing happens but before that I’m going to enjoy every second of this day. Every God damn second. No one knows when we’ll get this opportunity again. I was 9 when the Indians played the Marlins in the World Series in 97 and thought that getting that far was the norm. Whoops! Well, 19 years later we’ve got the:

Biggest game in Cavs franchise history

Biggest game of LeBron’s life

Biggest game in Cleveland’s history

My lifetime

Your lifetime

So enjoy spending tonight watching the game with the people who mean the most to you. I’ll be downtown bar hopping for a few hours until we decide which establishment to watch the entire game at. I’ll be with my best friends and my girlfriend of 5 years. We’ll see immortality (puke) or we’ll see a 52 year old curse end. We’ll see a team complete arguably the greatest season ever or we’ll see a team complete the biggest Finals comeback and bring home a trophy to the most championship starved city in America. We’ll get Crying Jordan’d or we’ll start planning the parade. We’ll party in the streets till 3 am or we’ll go home and wait till next season.

Everything that’s happened since July 8, 2010 has led to this moment. To tonight.

The Cavs already got one Finals trophy this season, how about we go get her sister now?