Email- I Celebrated The Cavs Win Too Hard And Severely Sprained My Ankle

Here is a link to a 38 second video of me celebrating the Cavs win by jumping up and down and severely spraining my ankle. Worth it. In the process I threw over my kid’s playground.

Here is an ‘after’ picture of the damage to my foot. 6 weeks Boot/Crutches. Let me know if you post it.



Whoops! In our neverending quest to post the best reaction videos to the Cavs victory last Sunday, some videos stick out a little more than others. Take Bruce here, for example. Just celebrating his team’s first title, happy as can be, throwing some shit around, screaming his head off… then boom, his ankle turns the wrong way, he hears a pop, and now he’s in a walking boot and using crutches for the next six weeks. Sucks, I guess? I’m sure Bruce would gladly sprain his ankle every day for the rest of the year if it meant a title next season too. Walk it off, Bruce. Walk it off.

This reminds me of a question posed by the producer of TNT’s Shaqtin A Fool and I still stick by my answer:


ALSO- I’m totally ignoring that it seems that he sprained his right foot and the picture is of his left foot. I don’t want a good/funny story ruined by lies.

UPDATE: Bruce emailed a pic of his foot to prove it wasn’t a hoax


3 thoughts on “Email- I Celebrated The Cavs Win Too Hard And Severely Sprained My Ankle”

  1. That’s my cousin Bruce we were watching in Phoenix, Arizona. Go Cavs. He’s gonna be fine. Cavs won the championship. Holy damn


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