Mishmash- Dog tries to clean up its own pee; Woman calls cops on man who won’t stop whistling Closing Time; Terrible Jeopardy answer

Cleveland pic of the day

A Russian ref is wearing a GoPro and one of the players he’s officiating isn’t too happy with him

This guy casually stole a bucket out of a truck… that bucket was filled with $1.6 million of gold flake

This shark went hammertime on a seal off the coast of Cape Cod


I love this dog that tried to clean up his own pee

This bad Jeopardy answer is going viral

I could watch these guys play ping pong for hours upon hours

A woman called the police on a man who wouldn’t stop whistling Semisonic’s Closing Time (Time)

90’s song of the day (it is really catchy, I could see why someone would keep whistling it)


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