Mishmash- Best post-wisdom teeth video ever; Dad destroys daughter’s Audi because of a boy; Teddy breaking ankles

Cleveland pic of the day

This is the funniest post wisdom teeth video I’ve ever seen

Some guy named G-Eazy tried to kiss Britney Spears during a performance at the VMAs last night and she was not having it

Teddy Bridgewater can break ankles like this?

Thor talks about why he was left out of Captain America Civil War

A dad destroyed his daughter’s Audi because he found her in it with a boy. This is probably fake but it’s going viral so

This is the best goal I’ve ever seen scored

This guy almost got crushed by trying to squat over 800 lbs

Just gonna watch this to try and make my Monday better

Mishmash- Harambe appears in storm clouds in Ohio; One guy fights six guys in Amsterdam; Lingerie football fight

Cleveland pic of the day

Looks like Zeke Elliott is gonna be just fine in the NFL

There’s a fan in Oklahoma petitioning to have a town renamed from ‘Durant’ to ‘Westbrook’

A really big “legendary” fish was caught in Canada

Harambe appeared in storm clouds over Ohio. He’s ready for his revenge.

It’s gotta really suck when you go to stage dive and no one catches you

One guy vs six guys. Let’s see how this one turns out.

Woman goes to Dairy Queen but gets pissed because she thinks it’s McDonald’s because she’s drunk

Nice little lingerie football fight highlighted by a girl getting dragged her hair for a few yards

Mishmash- Robbers get trapped in store they’re trying to rob; Iranian boats harass a US ship; Bros sneak into UFC 202

Cleveland pic of the day

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This kid got absolutely murdered and his life will never be the same

The University of Chicago is fighting the good fight against trigger warnings and safe spaces

A guy got really drunk and basically bought a Megabus

A couple of Iranian boats harrassed the USS Nitze in the Persian Gulf

Robbers go to rob a cell phone store in New Jersey… but oops they get locked in the store and a crowd gathers outside to laugh at them

A couple of daredevils snuck into UFC 202 and filmed it

Don’t know why this Charizard and Dragonite dancing video is going viral but it is so here ya go




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