Mishmash- Hilarious Celtics videobomb; Guy gets ROCKED after assaulting a woman; Ken Bone is still a thing

Cleveland pic of the day

This Celtics fan had an A++ videobomb

The Internet thinks that these people are cheating and don’t want to be on camera

#PressPlay #HoldUp When you get caught out with the side chick 😩

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The Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer looks pretty sweet

Ken Bone is still around and still doing things

Man attacks a woman and then gets the shit kicked out of him

The new Wolverine movie looks pretty sweet

90’s song of the day

Mishmash- Girl swallows a whole stick of butter; D’Angelo Russell embarrasses Steph; Lion stalks and attacks leopard

Was without a laptop for the past week. Have one now. Mishmashes are officially back.


Cleveland pic of the day

Pizza Hut is hiring someone to basically watch live NCAA Basketball, eat a shit ton of pizza, and make $50,000. Sign me the hell up!

Whole stick of butter down the hatch (get your mind out of the gutter)

Eminem has a new song/freestyle out. Lot going on in this one

NSFW: D’Angelo Russell murdered Steph Curry’s legs

A male lion stalks and attacks a leopard. Damn nature, you scary

Pokemon Go is officially pretty much dead

90’s song of the day

We’re Selling “A Swig And A Drive” Beer Koozies Just In Time For The Tribe’s Postseason Run

Yes the rumors are true. We have beer koozies just in time for the start of the Tribe’s ALDS games. 




Get it?

Here’s how we’re going to sell them:

  • Each koozie will be $4. If you buy 6, they’ll be $20.
  • We’re packaging and mailing everything ourselves so there will be no shipping & handling fee and no tax


  • Payments will ONLY be accepted through Venmo

So here’s what you need to do:

-Email Bottlegatecle@gmail.com with your shipping address and how many koozies you’d like to buy.

-Once we get your order confirmed, packed, and ready to ship, we’ll contact you and you’ll then Venmo over your payment to the username provided. No orders will be shipped without your payment.

And that’s it. Simple.

We’re doing this a little old fashioned but it couldn’t be easier on your end.

If you don’t have Venmo, download it here. It’s a gamechanger.