A Guy In The Muni Lot Willingly Jumped Off A Bus Into A Tree For Some Reason 

If a guy jumping off the top of a bus into a tree and falling to the ground in a crumpled heap isn’t a metaphor for this Browns season then I don’t know what is.

I was in the Muni Lot before Sunday’s game. Upper 40s with sunshine for a late November home game in Cleveland is unheard of… and the Muni was possibly the least crowded I’ve ever seen it in the 10 years that I’ve been going. For every three cars there was an empty space with nothing in it. A few of the usuals weren’t there. The second lot after the toll booth was about 15% full. A once proud and great parking lot reduced to empty spaces and drunk guys willingly jumping into trees in hopes of a branch poking their eyes out so they don’t have to watch the Browns play football. SAD! 

At least this guy had a good time 



h/t @bustedcoverage


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