I’m In Love With These Drug Kingpin Sisters From Cleveland

Via Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Four suspected drug dealers — including two sisters who lived in Rocky River — were indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday and charged with dealing large amounts of club drugs in the Cleveland area.

Rinald Turhani, Denisa Alicka, Jonida Alicka and Leka Konini each face a drug conspiracy charge. Prosecutors say that the quartet were part of a scheme that brought at least 44 pounds of MDMA and high-grade marijuana from Canada into the Cleveland area and other parts of the country.

Prosecutors and the FBI have described the conspiracy as a dangerous one. They said that some of the drugs were dealt out of the posh apartment complex where Denisa Alicka, Turhani’s girlfriend, lived in Rocky River. She and Jonida Alicka, 28, would also routinely travel from New York and Michigan to transport the drugs.

I don’t see what the big problem is here.

Remember when LeBron was drafted and he pledged to “light up” Cleveland like “Las Vegas?”

Well. What quicker way to transform Cleveland into Las Vegas than by supplying its residents with pounds upon pounds of molly? We already have casinos and gambling. We have strip clubs. We already have an outdoor club with a pool. We have Super Pimp. What else do we need?

Club drugs. Lots and lots of club drugs.

In my humble opinion these sisters were just trying to make Cleveland great again.

Plus, they’re easy on the eyes and everyone knows hot people don’t go to jail.



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