LeBron trolls the media by eating a banana

Why you eatin’ a banana, LeBron? Does that mean you’re gonna slip on a banana peel, out of Cleveland?

I mean it’s every day with this guy lately, isn’t it? Every single time my phone has lit up over the past month, another notification from Team Stream “Cavaliers: LeBron James…” I swear to god. I mean he’s also been absolutely incredible on the court during that time…

….but is this not like the exact opposite of whatĀ Zero Dark 30/23/6 is supposed to be?

At least this was funny, self-aware LeBron instead of passive aggressive LeBron. I like this LeBron a lot better.

PS AHHHHHHH! How many of you know tweeting in the morning after winning the first of a back-to-back?

Strive for greatness out here, cuz.

#NoDaysOff for Cavs Twitter.


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