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Browns MMDB: Monday Morning Disappointment Blog. Only 1 Game Out Of First Place!


That sucked.

Giving up 29 points and 278 yards passing to a rookie quarterback whom your coach and front office deemed “not good enough” to draft is certainly a shitty way to open your season.

Botched fake punts, snaps over your quarterbacks head, Pro Bowl cornerbacks getting burned…

No rhythm on offense, 12 passes completed, a QB rating of 55…

I don’t know what we should’ve expected but I know it should’ve been better than what happened on the field yesterday. This was one of the more “winnable” games on the schedule AND THEY STILL LOST BY 19.

Let’s look at the game tape

ESPN’s Charles Woodson bold prediction was that Terrelle Pryor would go for 1,800 yards. Why you gotta troll us like that, Charles?


RG3 and this hairstyle showed up. Should’ve known at that point that we were in for a rough day


Joe Thomas carrying the flag out might’ve been the highlight of the whole day… Chances Joe is traded by the end of the season? I’d say 65%


There’s a lot of custom jerseys I don’t understand but this might take the cake as the weirdest custom jersey I’ve seen


One of the bright spots of the day


The Browns tried a fake punt that fooled absolutely nobody and actually lost 5 yards






Replacement refs?


Corey Coleman’s first NFL catch went for 58 yards.


RG3 flashed a little bit of rookie RG3. Would have liked to see some more read option/designed QB runs/bootlegs & rollouts from our offensive genius coaches


Robert. Why the hell are you doing this?


Jason Peters caught Ryan Mathews in mid air like it was nothing. One of the better stops on an Eagles running back all day.



Couple quick thoughts

-Gary Barnidge was pretty disappointing with 2 uncharacteristic drops. Can’t have one of our experienced pass catchers be the one dropping passes.

-Thought our offensive line played pretty well for the most part. Good pass protection and gave RG3 sufficient time in the pocket and clear passing lane

-As for the Cam Erving snap… Shit happens. Sometimes the snap goes over the QB’s head. Sometimes the QB drops the shotgun snap. Bad turnovers happen to every team in almost every game. Unfortunately this was the turning point in the game. The Browns cannot let one play ruin the entire game and have everything spiral out of control. Gotta be better than that.

-Twelve consecutive week one losses is actually incredible. Nothing you can really do except laugh.

-Bright spots: Nassib, Ogbah, Pryor, Kirksey, Duke, Coleman

-The Browns had the ball for 20:40 and the Eagles had the ball for 39:20. Gonna be a loooonnnnggg season if the opposing team doubles us in time of possession every game.

-These stupid formations are a lot more fun when they actually work

-Thought the first series for Carson Wentz was too good to be true and that he wouldn’t be able keep it up if the plays weren’t scripted for him. Whoops! Imagine when the Browns face non rookie QBs this year.

-The Browns have this habit of ruining every other game in the NFL. The Giants-Cowboys game was great and the Patriots-Cardinals game was awesome but I couldn’t enjoy either one because the Browns had already ruined my day.

-I don’t know why I was prepared for anything different. The Browns are going to stink this year by design but I was not expecting that. That said, I’m going to try my hardest this season to focus on the development of our young players rather than focusing on the final score and outcome of the games. It’s going to be hard but if we judge this team only by wins and losses I might actually lose my mind and swear off football altogether. This team is going to lose and lose a lot.

Gonna need a lot of alcohol this season

See you next week in the Muni Lot.

We’re on to Baltimore




Game Tape: The Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade

1.3 million friends gathered in downtown Cleveland yesterday to celebrate the city’s first championship in 52 years. We had people scaling buildings, hanging and falling from buildings, people eating poop (allegedly), JR reenacting the Lion King, Kyrie doing the Running Man, and LeBron swearing up a storm.

Let’s look at the game tape


Maybe the best championship parade picture of all time?


Dan Gilbert apparently doesn’t know who Steph Curry is

Up close and personal with The King

Let’s check in on how JR Smith’s parade went:

Coolest moment ever. JR Smith holds up a kid in the middle of the parade. Of course someone added the Lion King soundtrack to it.

Who needs a shirt when you have a ring? Not JR

According to the Internet, JR took a fans phone, snapped this picture AND wrote this caption. Legend.


He’s got my vote

A couple buddies got some butt tattoos

Hipster Tito dropped a nuke on the idiot pundits


MGK performed in front of over a million people and swung from traffic lights

The streets were packed

Needed to cool off a little

I’d suggest sunscreen for next year’s parade

Lotta people in trees yesterday

Kevin Love hasn’t taken that championship belt off for 3 days

Oh, and he also brought SI Swimsuit model Kate Bock along with him


The Other King

I’m pretty sure Mo Williams danced through the entire parade

The Mall and Lil Kev

A guy climbed a tree


Tristan had squirt guns on his float

Get that weak stuff outta here

Fuck up some commas


Kyrie greeted the crowd with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind

Then he busted out a quick Running Man Challenge

A girl dropped from the Heinen’s building and was caught by the people

And now for the overhead shots


This guy wasn’t missing this parade no matter what


A fan may or may have eaten a little poop. No one knows if it was actually poop. Could have been mud. Yep, that’s it. A fan ate some mud. Big deal.

The Free Stamp turned into a giant chair

Here’s a view from the free stamp (via Reddit)


Tristan Thompson verbally posterized Draymond Green


Channing Frye was a little sauced and he had the mic drop of the day


Here’s LeBron’s entire uncensored speech




Browns-Seahawks Monday Game Tape; Browns Lose To Team They Should Lose To

Here it goes:

Browns stink and were never going to win in Seattle unless they played perfect football which they didn’t so they lost by 17 and no one was surprised because the Seahawks have been to the past 2 Super Bowls and the Browns are the Browns and had a QB making his 7th career start who wasn’t great but wasn’t awful but his receivers had 5 drops and the highest paid defense in the NFL gave up 30 points and 3 touchdown passes to Russell Wilson after our coach said Wilson wasn’t elite earlier in the week which was probably a dumb thing to say


Here’s the game tape


Seattle fans are so funny

The first drive was fun. It ended in a touchdown but the biggest play was Marlon Moore basically ending Earl Thomas’s life

And then Johnny found Gary for 6

Cam Erving did some Cam Erving things. So frustrating.

Richard Sherman threw Travis Benjamin out of bounds and the ballboy had the slowest fall ever

And before the half ended the Seahawks were allowed 1 final untimed down because of a Browns facemask. Instead of going into the half down 17-10 (respectable), the Browns were down 20-10 after Seattle kicked a FG

Johnny scrambled for a nice first down. Coach Flip really really wanted him to get down so they wouldn’t have to play Austin Davis

Hatin ass ref got in the way

Nice to see our players fighting each other

Couple quick thoughts:

  • That Terrelle Pryor Wildcat play was the most underwhelming thing ever
  • I cannot overstate how terrible that penalty was before the half that led to a Seahawks FG. There’s a huge difference between being down 1 TD at half with some confidence and going into the locker room down 10 after a terrible penalty to end the half.
  • Johnny wasn’t great and he wasn’t terrible. Pretty pedestrian. I’ve seen QBs play wayyy worse games in that stadium. I think there’s something there but we’ll never be able to fully evaluate him with the group of receivers he has to throw to.
  • I know it’s beating a dead horse but I’d love a few big receivers who could catch.
  • The Dwayne Bowe sighting in the second half was pretty neat. Bet that’s what he needed to springboard into the starting lineup vs. KC and Pitt.
  • Those announcers kinda sucked, right?
  • There was never a point in the game where I thought “Hey, maybe the Browns can pull this off” which led to a lack of letdown. It was nice not being let down.
  • Seattle fans are such dorks.
  • Johnny needs to work on his postgame attire, I think we can all agree on that.
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  • On to Kansas City