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You’ll Go From Six To Midnight Watching the Ohio State-Oklahoma Hype Video 


I believe the term is “fully torqued.” No more Bowling Green and no more Tulsa. Been looking forward to this OSU-Oklahoma game since it was announced.

The Bucks travel to Norman, OK on Saturday to take on the Sooners in the biggest nonconference game Ohio State has had since they hosted USC in 2009. They’re favored by 1.5 (which I hate) and we’ll see if the young Bucks can play in a hostile environment and beat one of the teams that was in the CFB playoff last year. Hopefully ol Tom Herman gave Urbs some nice pointers on how to take down the Sooners.

Buckeyes by 8 



This Buckeyes Hype Video Will Actually Get You Excited For Today’s Tulsa Game


Look, Ohio State will probably win by 30+ if they take this game seriously and not look forward to next weekend’s showdown with Oklahoma. That doesn’t mean we can’t manufacture some excitement around here and this video does just that. Don’t know how someone can get excited for a 3:30 game on a Saturday afternoon vs Tulsa yet here I find myself foaming at the mouth and ready to run through a wall.

The whole slate of college football games today stinks but I’m really looking forward to that Va. Tech v Tennessee game tonight for some reason.

Go bucks

Buckeyes 42 Tulsa 13

h/t 11w

The Ohio State-Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl Trailers May Make You Pee Your Pants

Well there ya go, two videos to give you a head buzz to make it through the final day of 2015.

IF the Buckeyes come to play on Friday, they’ll beat Notre Dame handily, but that’s a big if. Who knows if they even care about the Fiesta Bowl. At Ohio State it’s championship or bust while this is Notre Dame’s Super Bowl. If the Buckeyes take this game seriously they’ll win by two touchdowns.

It’s going to be really strange to see Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, Cardale Jones, and Braxton Miller put on the Buckeye jersey one last time.

OSU 31

ND 20