The Isaiah Crowell Hype Video will make him your new favorite Browns player

This is the Isaiah Crowell hype video we deserve and the one we need.

First off, this music BANGS. I’m not lying when I say that was the most entertaining player highlight video I’ve ever seen. I literally jumped out of my seat when I read “Throw Dem Pizza Lunchables on the Field!”


I don’t even know what that means but you can bet your ass I’m gonna be yelling it all day Sunday in the Muni Lot and inside the stadium. There’s just so many one liners here that can be used in everyday life. Someone cuts you off in traffic? “Take a ride in the slam sedan….BITCH!”  At the gas station and see some guy wearing jorts? #SoNotCrow!

Isaiah Crowell is quickly becoming the new cult favorite Cleveland athlete and I’m A OK with that. All aboard the Tha Crow bandwagon!


UPDATE: The music is actually Raven’s (the wrestler) entrance theme

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