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Kevin Love Was Incredible Last Night

That. Was. AWESOME. Watching this I started jumping off of my couch when he had like 12 points. It was just so unexpected and out of nowhere. The second most points ever scored in a quarter in NBA history from Kevin Love?? Third wheel Kevin Love? If we start seeing the same types of numbers from Kevin that he put up in Minnesota then look out.

It’s one of those regular season performances that will always stick with me- LeBron’s 16 points in like 2 minutes vs the Bucks; Josh Gordon’s back to back 200 yards games in 2013; and that one random Friday night when Lonnie Chisenhall had 9 RBI vs the Rangers a few years ago.

Here’s a little something I’m thankful for today:



This game was more impressive than Klay’s 37 in one quarter and I’ll allow RJ to explain why


Video: Kevin Love Gives Draymond Green And Michael Jordan Stone Cold Stunners


Steph Pedigree through the announcer’s table, spearing Klay into the crowd, A DRAYMOND LOW BLOW… it’s not looking good for LeBron. But wait…

*glass shatters*


My head is spinning from laughing so much at this video. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

K. Love’s Final Kill List:

  • Draymond Green
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Kevin Durant
  • A bald James Harden
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Yao Ming
  • Shaq Diesel
  • Annnnnd Michael Jordan for good measure

Kevin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass.


There was also a good one with Kyrie vs Steph & Klay


via Shady00018

Video: Kevin Love Leads The Parade Crowd In Singing ‘We Are The Champions’


(via Reddit user chilr0y)


So awesome. We’ve been caught up in the Summer of JR Smith that we’ve kind of missed out on the week Kevin Love has been having. From being (unfairly) scrutinized for the entire series to having a huge impact in game seven and delivering Cleveland a championship to chugging beers Stone Cold style to rocking the double title belts for 4 days straight to bringing SI Swimsuit model Kate Bock to accompany him during Wednesday’s parade… Now leading thousands of people to a giant singalong of one of Queen’s greatest hits. Must be nice, man. Must be nice.