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Video: Kevin Love Leads The Parade Crowd In Singing ‘We Are The Champions’


(via Reddit user chilr0y)


So awesome. We’ve been caught up in the Summer of JR Smith that we’ve kind of missed out on the week Kevin Love has been having. From being (unfairly) scrutinized for the entire series to having a huge impact in game seven and delivering Cleveland a championship to chugging beers Stone Cold style to rocking the double title belts for 4 days straight to bringing SI Swimsuit model Kate Bock to accompany him during Wednesday’s parade… Now leading thousands of people to a giant singalong of one of Queen’s greatest hits. Must be nice, man. Must be nice.


Photo gallery of the Cavs parade aftermath in Downtown Cleveland

(h/t /u/serebia123)

Honestly….not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. News flash, if you jam over a million people into a city that usually houses like 1% of that and throw a gigantic party, you’re gonna get some gahbage. But good on Cavs fans for at least attempting to get some of the trash in the general vicinity of a garbage can (they really should have brought in like a shit ton of extra ones), and great on the city of Cleveland for getting it all cleaned up that night and back to normal on Thursday.

And to the person who took down all those baby Jamo’s? Hat tip, my friend. Hat tip.

Not a bad offering from the Reddit commenters, either.





VIDEO: How the Cavs parade looked from a helicopter

That’s awesome.

I’d still prefer being on the ground, getting sweaty with 1.3 million dear friends and watching people eat poop apparently, but watching the festivities from the sky like this would have been pretty damn cool. Love the woman’s “Jesusssss!” as they turned the corner to look at East 9th. I’ve had that same reaction for about, oh, six days now.

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