Someone Flew A Drone Over Geauga Lake Last Week And The Footage Is Depressing As Hell

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Published on Feb 8, 2016

An aerial view of Geauga Lake on February 6, 2016 shot by 2 Phantom 3 Advanced. Geauga Lake was an amusement park near Cleveland Ohio which was closed abruptly. Most of the area visited this park regularly and it was a part of Cleveland. This is a tribute to all the memories that this park helped create.

A special thank you to Marc Yeager who came along on the shoot with me and allowed me to use some of his video.


Well. As if your Monday couldn’t get any worse. My favorite place to go growing up… this:

Now currently looks like this:


Way to go, Cedar Fair!

One of the first blog posts ever published on Bottlegate was about the rise of Geauga Lake/Six Flags and what caused the downfall of it. If getting kicked in the dick is your thing, then I suggest reading it.

And Christ, that farewell music. It felt like I was at a wake and waiting in line to pay my final respects to someone in a coffin. Depressing is an understatement.


Quick Geauga Lake/Six Flags ride power rankings

10. Grizzly Run

9. Texas Twister

8. Raging Wolf Bobs

7. Superman

6. X-Flight

5.  Big Dipper

4. Silver Bullet

3. Serial Thriller

2. The Villain

  1. Batman

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42 thoughts on “Someone Flew A Drone Over Geauga Lake Last Week And The Footage Is Depressing As Hell”

  1. Impossible to comprehend how a park like this could have just disappeared. We all know why, but still its just heartbreaking that this park was closed all due to one mans greed.


  2. So many great memories. When we lost this park a part of us was lost too. I mean I was poor growing up that was our vacation I always looked forward to going there, Then our school went there for a field trip, Then when sea world was attached that was sweet. I miss that place like crazy. That is so depressing that one mans greed can ruin the memories for generations to come. Gone never forgotten. 💯💯💯


    1. Well said Kathryn. It was where dreams were born. All I can remember from being there is happiness. Back in 1984 when one of our friends was finally old enough to get a driver’s license, that was where summer happened from that point on. It didn’t cost a fortune and it was safe. Never to be forgotten.


  3. Sad. I worked here the summer I turned 16. I worked at Sea World the year before. Still can’t believe that both are gone. So many memories of going there and working there.


  4. My dad worked there for 27 years! Makes me cry! He lost everything he knew and they treated them as criminals walking them to their lockers and cars on the day they let them go. Cedar fair couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and close it down! They’ve wanted to do that since way back when and when they finally got their hands on it they intentionally didn’t put anymore into it that way it would go down. So sad for those who can’t afford to travel and go elsewhere.


  5. Crying I would go there every summer. I always loved this place I looked forward to going here for my grandfather company picnic how could one mans greed distroy everything for generations to come. I wish I had the money to open this place back up so that my children can experience the fun I had as a child going there.


  6. The date of the Video is “Incorrect” It was shot a few years ago. The date was updated to make it look like it was shot a few weeks ago. *Note: Where is the Snow?* Aurora Ohio is in the Snow Belt.


    1. Those were poured concrete foundations for the mounting of the “roller coasters” that weren’t the old school kind made of wood….. The newer ones, mostly made of tubular steel were actually made elsewhere, trucked into the park in pieces and then put together much like a premade erector set.
      When the park closed, they were dis assembled and sold to other parks that would not be in competition with Cedar Fair.


  7. Wow I have never been to this park, however watching this video made me so sad. It was like watching a funeral of someone whom I cared deeply for. I live near Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ and ours pales in comparison to what Ohio had. I can’t believe that nobody will step in an do something with this gorgeous property. Maybe the state is working with them so they will eventually profit in some way. This whole story just seems insane. All I keep thinking is WOW.


  8. Hey folks…FYI…Bottlegate is a Pittsburgh company. Support local vendors like CLE Clothing Company.
    342 Euclid Ave


  9. Things happen so quickly anymore. Here today and gone tomorrow. We never know what a day will bring. Only The Lord Jesus knows the answers to all of this. So many of the places where I grew up have been torn down or changed to look like another place. I do drive by my old homestead some times during a year or so. It is still my old home and I will never forget it. My old back yard and my Fathers garage where he had all of his tools and manly treasures and some of my friends would play in there if it rained or something like that. It is so good to remember the good old days, and don’t let anyone take that away from you. The memories are yours forever and we all can keep them in our hearts and mind forever! So sorry about your loss of the amusement park. God Bless.


  10. I have many wonderful memories . We always look forward to the Richman brothers company picnic. After Euclid Beach closed that was the only park you could get to without driving for ever. I will never forget the fun I had growing up. Why did they close and leave it the way it is? What a shame.


  11. I have never been to Geauga Lake. This footage was a great look at what some amusement parks have come to across our country over the years. I grow up in New England and recall days of having 2 parks, Riverside and Mountain Park, within 20 minutes of each other off interstate 91.
    Riverside is now owned and operated by Six Flags. Mountain Park has been closed since 1987 and has since been sold for a future development. However, to this day, the land still remains vacant and the rear entrance has overgrown.


  12. Just like many other posts I am sad to see what has become of this once great amusement park and angered by the ruthless manuever by Cedar Point. Geauga Lake was a relevant park of my childhood. Living only 10 minutes from the park our parents would drop us off in the morning and pick us up before dinner. Inexpensive in comparison to summer camp I sup pose and different times in the world. If memory serves me well this was a few year period before high school (1989 – 1991) and a season pass was around $35. My friends and I spent endless summer days running into other pals from school chasing girls and raising hell. Great memories! Disgusted with Cedar Point for taking a great park out of my backyard. Well they lost this customer.


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