Mishmash- All 3 SI Swimsuit covers; GoT S6 teaser; Pig born w/testicles as eyes; Knife wielding crab means business

Cleveland pic of the day


Here’s a Game Of Thrones season 6 tease and oh boy


Three girls grace three covers for this year’s issue of the SI Swimsuit issue



If you missed “The Day Beyonce Turned Black” from SNL on Saturday here it is again. One of the funnier SNL clips in recent memory.


Awesome story told by a sniper about the time he shot a member of the Taliban from 1.5 miles away. Long but worth the read.


A pig was born with testicles as eyes. Yes you read that right.

The pig with testicles instead of eyes, left, was euthanised after birth


This crab is a god damn Samurai


NBA refs mean read tweets

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