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Someone Flew A Drone Over Geauga Lake Last Week And The Footage Is Depressing As Hell

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Published on Feb 8, 2016

An aerial view of Geauga Lake on February 6, 2016 shot by 2 Phantom 3 Advanced. Geauga Lake was an amusement park near Cleveland Ohio which was closed abruptly. Most of the area visited this park regularly and it was a part of Cleveland. This is a tribute to all the memories that this park helped create.

A special thank you to Marc Yeager who came along on the shoot with me and allowed me to use some of his video.


Well. As if your Monday couldn’t get any worse. My favorite place to go growing up… this:

Now currently looks like this:


Way to go, Cedar Fair!

One of the first blog posts ever published on Bottlegate was about the rise of Geauga Lake/Six Flags and what caused the downfall of it. If getting kicked in the dick is your thing, then I suggest reading it.

And Christ, that farewell music. It felt like I was at a wake and waiting in line to pay my final respects to someone in a coffin. Depressing is an understatement.


Quick Geauga Lake/Six Flags ride power rankings

10. Grizzly Run

9. Texas Twister

8. Raging Wolf Bobs

7. Superman

6. X-Flight

5.  Big Dipper

4. Silver Bullet

3. Serial Thriller

2. The Villain

  1. Batman

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