Your Cleveland Browns Week 5 Heroes And Zeroes

Annnnd we’re back after a week hiatus and a day late with everyone’s favorite feature; Cleveland Browns Heroes And Zeroes. Lotta heroes this week after the Browns OT win in Baltimore. Let’s get started.



Josh Motherf*cking McCown

Just a normal day at the office for ol’ 13 Gauge. 457 yards, couple tuddies, and 1 rushing touchdown. Literally one of the greatest regular season games a Cleveland Browns quarterback has ever played. I think the coolest part of McCown’s game on Sunday was that he had almost 300 yards passing and accounted for all of his touchdowns in the second half.


Gary Barnidge

Any time a dude can catch a football with his knees, nuts, butt, ankles, feet, etc. he’s making the “heroes” list. Don’t look now but Gary Barnidge is statistically the second best tight end in the league. Gronk and Barnidge? What a time to be alive.


John DeFilippo

Aside from the 10 points scored in week 1 vs. the Jets, the Browns offense is averaging 27 points a game. Not too shabby for a rookie OC calling plays for an over the hill journeyman quarterback, young inexperienced running backs, and a stable of wide receivers that are barely tall enough to ride Millennium Force. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Flip’s offense so far this season.


Running back tandem of Crow & Duke

Nothing flashy or no gaudy numbers but solid games from both of our young running backs. Crow had 49 yards rushing and 38 yards receiving and a TD. Duuuuuke finished with 22 yards rushing and 6 catches for 55 yards. 164 total yards between the two of them. I’d obviously like to see more consistency in the run game but our quick passes to Duke or Crow in the flat is basically an extension of our running game.


Travis Coons

4/4 on field goals. Knocked home the game winner. Busted a dude up on a kickoff. Our boy Trav had quite the day on Sunday. How many kickers have gotten unsportsmanlike conduct penalties called on them? Pettine described Coons as an “adrenaline junkie” in a press conference earlier this week which just adds to his urban legend.


Mike Pettine

Back against the wall and he got his team to respond. He won in a stadium that the Browns haven’t won in since 2007 while beating one of his former teams in the process. Gotta feel for Coach Pett. Plus there’s this:


This guy

Deep in the heart of enemy territory just doing the damn thing. Ring and watch game on a hundred thousand trillion.





Our run defense

Poop. They’re poop.


Pass blocking

4 more sacks given up this weekend. The combination of McCown holding onto the ball too long is definitely a factor but it seems that our pass blocking has struggled no matter who the QB is. The Browns are currently in 3rd in the NFL for sacks allowed with 18. If the Denver defense is able to rush the QB like we expect then watch out…


Our pass rush

Can we get some sacks once in awhile? Aside from the Tennesse game our defense hasn’t been getting to the quarterback AT ALL. Also, where has Paul Kruger been? I was expecting a huge year out of him sack-wise and he only has 0.5 sacks and 4 solo tackles on the season. Gonna need him to step up in a big big way vs. Denver.


Danny Shelton

2 pretty costly and dumb personal fouls in the second half for the big man. I like that he’s intense but maybe, just maybe tone it down a little bit?

He did have a few flashes and this was undoubtedly his best play of the year


Dwayne Bowe

5 games. 0 catches. 3 inactives. $9 million. It’s getting to the point where it’s pointless having him on the roster.


Sports Illustrated

Good call guys, y’all are really good at picking ’em this year. Memo to SI, if you pick the Cavs to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, I’m coming to your offices and causing a scene.





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