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Home Opener Muni Lot Recap

Browns home games are back which means Muni Lot tailgating is back. The most magical parking lot in the world was in full swing Sunday even though the Browns stink. We might not win many games at FirstEnergy Stadium this season, but the Muni Lot hasn’t lost in decades.

We had dinosaurs throwing kegs at bowling pins


We had skateboarding dogs


Had to get in a little warm up before the lot started getting full


A few shotskis before the game. That’s me on left and Austin 2nd from the right.

Now I’m not much of a weed guy but a joint the size of a cucumber is either the most impractical thing ever or the best thing ever. Not sure which.

And here are a few more pics that I took, pics that were sent in, and some that were collected on Instagram and Twitter


0-2. See you week 5 vs. the Patriots


20 Browns Fan Reaction Videos After That Blocked Field Goal

By now you know that the Browns lost on a last second blocked field goal that was returned for a touchdown last night. Here’s a collection of reaction videos for you to start your Tuesday morning. Holy shit what a way to lose a game.

It’s not your fault… It’s not your fault.

“Did we just lose this game?”

The laughs are unreal. I had the same exact reaction.


This one is EXPLODING all over social media. Maybe one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

With some Hogan theme music

A++ reaction. From so much hope and joy to disappointment and despair in 1 second.

On these videos of people filming the play just focus on the voices in the background and what they’re saying.

The Cavs beat writer was not impressed. At least he covers a good team.

Nice view at least

59:57 of a great game!! :03 of hell! I still can't believe what I just witnessed!! #StillInShock #Browns #CLE 👀

A video posted by Friend Or Pho? State Ya Biz (@jjrivera216) on

A nice trilogy here:

We’re getting that #1 pick! Love the positivity

Easy on that bench

This one was sent to me by my friend

Oh no. Oh no.

Only the #Browns #clevelandbrowns

A video posted by Jay McFarland (@jlmcfarland86) on

“You’re fucking kidding me! You’re fucking kidding me!”

The laughter in this one is so evil

Mike “Petteen”

#Browns #DawgPound #WeCursed

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There’s a lot of pain behind those eyes


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The common theme of all these videos is “oooo nooo”

This is how the #browns lose. #MNF

A video posted by Jonathan Claytor (@jclaytor) on

Poor guy

So.fucking.close. 😦 #brownd

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The Adele was a nice touch

The most depressing walk back in history?

This is the most depressing walk back! #Browns

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Picture time:

#heartbreak #cleveland #browns #clevelandbrowns #whylive

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I'm fine. Really. I'M FINE. #Browns #CLE #factoryofsadness #nationaljoke #embarassment #wedeservebetter

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Mood: 😩😩😩 #browns

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Argh! Freakin' #Browns… You drive me to drink! #factoryofsadness #cleveland #allincle #mnf #football

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PS- Ravens were offsides

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On to Cincinnati

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader & Fanbase Gallery

The Browns host Baltimore tonight in the least exciting Monday Night Football game ever… but for every opponent a Cleveland sports team plays, we put together a photo gallery of the other team’s cheerleaders and fanbase. The pics could be funny, weird, hot, disturbing, etc. Here are what the fine fans of the Ravens look like: