20 Browns Fan Reaction Videos After That Blocked Field Goal

By now you know that the Browns lost on a last second blocked field goal that was returned for a touchdown last night. Here’s a collection of reaction videos for you to start your Tuesday morning. Holy shit what a way to lose a game.

It’s not your fault… It’s not your fault.

“Did we just lose this game?”

The laughs are unreal. I had the same exact reaction.


This one is EXPLODING all over social media. Maybe one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

With some Hogan theme music

A++ reaction. From so much hope and joy to disappointment and despair in 1 second.

On these videos of people filming the play just focus on the voices in the background and what they’re saying.

The Cavs beat writer was not impressed. At least he covers a good team.

Nice view at least

59:57 of a great game!! :03 of hell! I still can't believe what I just witnessed!! #StillInShock #Browns #CLE 👀

A video posted by Friend Or Pho? State Ya Biz (@jjrivera216) on

A nice trilogy here:

We’re getting that #1 pick! Love the positivity

Easy on that bench

This one was sent to me by my friend

Oh no. Oh no.

Only the #Browns #clevelandbrowns

A video posted by Jay McFarland (@jlmcfarland86) on

“You’re fucking kidding me! You’re fucking kidding me!”

The laughter in this one is so evil

Mike “Petteen”

#Browns #DawgPound #WeCursed

A video posted by KUSHER™ (@edlova82) on

There’s a lot of pain behind those eyes


A video posted by ⚾️🏈🏀🏒Jacob Winkelman🎮💔✝ (@jacobwinkelman97) on

The common theme of all these videos is “oooo nooo”

This is how the #browns lose. #MNF

A video posted by Jonathan Claytor (@jclaytor) on

Poor guy

So.fucking.close. 😦 #brownd

A video posted by Kelly (@xcuyahogariverzombiex) on

The Adele was a nice touch

The most depressing walk back in history?

This is the most depressing walk back! #Browns

A video posted by Alex Wisniewski (@sbullet187) on

Picture time:

#heartbreak #cleveland #browns #clevelandbrowns #whylive

A photo posted by Tyler Harrison (@tharrison08) on

I'm fine. Really. I'M FINE. #Browns #CLE #factoryofsadness #nationaljoke #embarassment #wedeservebetter

A photo posted by Jason Modica (@jas_modica) on

Mood: 😩😩😩 #browns

A photo posted by @mrgrove on

Argh! Freakin' #Browns… You drive me to drink! #factoryofsadness #cleveland #allincle #mnf #football

A photo posted by Erika D. Smith (@erockit77) on

PS- Ravens were offsides

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On to Cincinnati

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