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Videos: Over One Hundred Reaction Videos From The Cavs Winning A Title

This is a running blog post. New videos will be posted daily as people keep submitting them. Check in for updates!

After the Cavs beat the greatest bestest most amazing wholesome golden team of all time Sunday night, you knew there’d be some A+ reactions. 52 years of pent up excitement will do that to you. When Kyrie hit that 3 the city collectively lost its mind and when the clock hit 0 it was absolute mayhem inside of the Q, outside at the watch party, inside the local bars, and all around northeast Ohio. Here’s a collection of reader submitted reaction videos and videos I’ve seen floating around social media.

First off, let’s hear and watch Fred McLeod’s call:

Then there were The Bros In The Basement

The casino was LITTTTTT

Shirts at the bar are for dorks anyway

Just a man and his dog. Loved this one.

Go nuts Hollywood

The Clevelander looked fun


Happy Fathers Day indeed

Do I hear some firecrackers and… a trumpet??

YO! Where’d they go??

East Fourth was a damn party


A few generations celebrating their first championship together. Love it.

Toe touches for the boys

Victory Alley I believe

Brick Stone Bar

Let’s go inside the Q


Let’s head outside the Q:

Champagne showers

Gas station dabs

Needed that foul shot


Love this passion







NYC Browns Backers Bar!


Just a sea of people

Jump Around!

House Of Blues


Some more We Are The Champions

Seems a tad unsafe but who cares


Love it

Fire and fireworks. Proud to be an American.


Slow motion

The line at Dicks

East 4th and Prospect

East 4th and Euclid


The entire final minute


Pretty pretty awesome

At Knuckleheads in Parma




20 Browns Fan Reaction Videos After That Blocked Field Goal

By now you know that the Browns lost on a last second blocked field goal that was returned for a touchdown last night. Here’s a collection of reaction videos for you to start your Tuesday morning. Holy shit what a way to lose a game.

It’s not your fault… It’s not your fault.

“Did we just lose this game?”

The laughs are unreal. I had the same exact reaction.


This one is EXPLODING all over social media. Maybe one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

With some Hogan theme music

A++ reaction. From so much hope and joy to disappointment and despair in 1 second.

On these videos of people filming the play just focus on the voices in the background and what they’re saying.

The Cavs beat writer was not impressed. At least he covers a good team.

Nice view at least

59:57 of a great game!! :03 of hell! I still can't believe what I just witnessed!! #StillInShock #Browns #CLE 👀

A video posted by Friend Or Pho? State Ya Biz (@jjrivera216) on

A nice trilogy here:

We’re getting that #1 pick! Love the positivity

Easy on that bench

This one was sent to me by my friend

Oh no. Oh no.

Only the #Browns #clevelandbrowns

A video posted by Jay McFarland (@jlmcfarland86) on

“You’re fucking kidding me! You’re fucking kidding me!”

The laughter in this one is so evil

Mike “Petteen”

#Browns #DawgPound #WeCursed

A video posted by KUSHER™ (@edlova82) on

There’s a lot of pain behind those eyes


A video posted by ⚾️🏈🏀🏒Jacob Winkelman🎮💔✝ (@jacobwinkelman97) on

The common theme of all these videos is “oooo nooo”

This is how the #browns lose. #MNF

A video posted by Jonathan Claytor (@jclaytor) on

Poor guy

So.fucking.close. 😦 #brownd

A video posted by Kelly (@xcuyahogariverzombiex) on

The Adele was a nice touch

The most depressing walk back in history?

This is the most depressing walk back! #Browns

A video posted by Alex Wisniewski (@sbullet187) on

Picture time:

#heartbreak #cleveland #browns #clevelandbrowns #whylive

A photo posted by Tyler Harrison (@tharrison08) on

I'm fine. Really. I'M FINE. #Browns #CLE #factoryofsadness #nationaljoke #embarassment #wedeservebetter

A photo posted by Jason Modica (@jas_modica) on

Mood: 😩😩😩 #browns

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Argh! Freakin' #Browns… You drive me to drink! #factoryofsadness #cleveland #allincle #mnf #football

A photo posted by Erika D. Smith (@erockit77) on

PS- Ravens were offsides

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On to Cincinnati

(VIDEO) Giddy Mike Pettine Roams The Field After The Browns Overtime Win Sunday

Just a simple video that’ll undoubtedly put a smile on your face. A lot of people criticize Pettine for not showing emotion on the sideline or not being fiery enough during his press conferences so it’s nice to see him letting off some steam in a candid moment after a big road win. Knowing how much work you put in during the week and watching it pay off on Sundays has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s hard to win in the NFL but it’s gotta be a helluva feeling to go into your former employer’s stadium where the Browns haven’t won since 2007 and come away with a win in overtime.

IMO professional teams need to do more of this stuff. Film the locker room celebrations, sideline videos… basically Hard Knocks behind the scenes type content. People eat this stuff up plus it’ll give me something to blog about. It’s a win-win!

Best part is Special Teams coach Chris Tabor running to Pettine giggling like a little schoolgirl


On to Denver