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According To Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat, Here’s What The Cavs Championship Rings Look Like

Can you… can you marry a piece of jewelry? Because I want to marry that ring right now.


It still hasn’t 100% hit me that the Cavs won the championship. I’m probably at about an 85% right now but once those rings get handed out to the players and the banner gets hung before the first game vs. the New York Superteam Knicks is when it’ll truly sink all the way in. I’m still fully entrenched with all of the “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals” jokes that sometimes I forget that we’ll be hanging that banner on October 25th.

The Cleveland skyline and the Roman Numeral “52” (as in 52 years since Cleveland’s last championship) are an awesome touch


UPDATE: Forgot the Cavs were going 0-82 this season because we’re about to be infected with The Kardashian so enjoy these rings while you can, Cavs fans

Videos: Over One Hundred Reaction Videos From The Cavs Winning A Title

This is a running blog post. New videos will be posted daily as people keep submitting them. Check in for updates!

After the Cavs beat the greatest bestest most amazing wholesome golden team of all time Sunday night, you knew there’d be some A+ reactions. 52 years of pent up excitement will do that to you. When Kyrie hit that 3 the city collectively lost its mind and when the clock hit 0 it was absolute mayhem inside of the Q, outside at the watch party, inside the local bars, and all around northeast Ohio. Here’s a collection of reader submitted reaction videos and videos I’ve seen floating around social media.

First off, let’s hear and watch Fred McLeod’s call:

Then there were The Bros In The Basement

The casino was LITTTTTT

Shirts at the bar are for dorks anyway

Just a man and his dog. Loved this one.

Go nuts Hollywood

The Clevelander looked fun


Happy Fathers Day indeed

Do I hear some firecrackers and… a trumpet??

YO! Where’d they go??

East Fourth was a damn party


A few generations celebrating their first championship together. Love it.

Toe touches for the boys

Victory Alley I believe

Brick Stone Bar

Let’s go inside the Q


Let’s head outside the Q:

Champagne showers

Gas station dabs

Needed that foul shot


Love this passion







NYC Browns Backers Bar!


Just a sea of people

Jump Around!

House Of Blues


Some more We Are The Champions

Seems a tad unsafe but who cares


Love it

Fire and fireworks. Proud to be an American.


Slow motion

The line at Dicks

East 4th and Prospect

East 4th and Euclid


The entire final minute


Pretty pretty awesome

At Knuckleheads in Parma




Quick Post: In Hindsight, This Cavs Regular Season Really Couldn’t Have Gone Better

I’m just sitting here reminiscing over the Cavs 2015-2016 regular season and if you think about it, it really couldn’t have gone any better.

#1 seed.

No injuries.

LeBron is the best player in the league the past few weeks.

What’s not to like?

Thank god the preseason is over so we can stop losing sleep over meaningless and pointless regular season basketball games. Enough overreacting and bitching about losses in February and March. Is the regular season a good measuring stick for a basketball team? Sure. But this Cavs team was never going to win 65+ games this season. Kyrie & Shump injured at the start, Coach Blatt fired in January and Lue taking over, chemistry issues seemingly every game… But setting records like the Warriors are was never the point. All that mattered was getting through the regular season healthy. We learned last year that it doesn’t matter what seed this team gets in the playoffs because when you have that #23 guy on your team that’s really all that matters. I specifically remember talking to my friends before the season how I wouldn’t care if the Cavs were heading into the playoffs as a 4 or 5 seed.

It really is crazy how much people bitched about the best team in the conference all season but none of that matters now. The East won’t be the cakewalk everyone thinks it will be. I expect them to lose a few games here and there and hell, they’ll probably even be down in a series.

The Cavs have a real shot to win a title this season. Sure the Warriors look immortal but no one’s ever hoisted a Larry O’Brien trophy after 82 games. When this team is playing at their full potential they can beat anyone any night. I love where the Cavs are at right now. There’s not much pressure nationally to win the title because everyone is already penciling in the Warriors as champs. All the pressure in the world is on Golden State to win a title because if they don’t, their 73 win season doesn’t mean shit. According to Vegas Insider, the Cavs have 4-1 odds to win the title this season and I’m putting my last paycheck on them to do it.

Get ready for playoff LeBron