If Tristan Thompson Is Really Dating Khloe Kardashian Then The Cavs Are Probably Going 0-82

TMZ– Khloe Kardashian has a brand new star athlete in her life … Cleveland Cavaliers studTristan Thompson

The two have been spending some serious quality time together recently … and Thursday, they were spotted at a mansion in Beverly Hills … flaunting their impressive physiques.

Khloe Kardashian is a succubus and nothing good will come of this.

Let’s looks at her list of boyfriends:

Lamar Odom- Literally almost died because Khloe drove him crazy.

Derrick Ward- Don’t really know anything about him other than he was a running back on the Giants with Brandon Jacobs. Khloe and him dated in 2008 and by 2009 he was playing for Tampa Bay and only rushed for 409 yards.

French Montana- Hasn’t had a good song since ‘Pop That’ in 2013. Probably Khloe’s fault.

Rashad McCants- Dated in 2008/2009. Has not played in the NBA since 2009. No coincidence.

Rick Fox?- Nothing bad to say about Rick Fox. He’e the man.

James Harden- Dated Khloe recently. Hasn’t made a defensive stop since.

If Tristan continues on this path he’s down there’s no doubt in my mind this could derail the Cavs upcoming season. Forget making it back to the Finals, I doubt the Cavs even make the playoffs. There’s just something about the Kardashians that infect everything they touch. They’re like a disease and once they contaminate Tristan, they’ll contaminate the entire Cavs team and the city of Cleveland. Don’t infect us with the Kardashian slime, Tristan. Don’t infect us.

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