Westlake senior kicked out of soccer league for being the man

From FoxSports.com:

“It took nearly two full months of shenanigans but Ohio’s North Side Co-Ed Soccer League has finally ousted anti-establishment villain Brian Garruto.

Garruto, a senior and member of the boys’ varsity soccer team at Westlake (Ohio) High School, posted the banishment notice he received from the recreational league’s management to his Twitter account.”



As a bonus, here’s a photo of Brian in action for the Westlake varsity team.

KRISTIN BAUER | CHRONICLE Westlake High School senior defender Brian Garruto (10) headers the ball during a game against Strongsville on Wednesday night, Oct. 28.

Garruto’s rec league team, the Cleveland Steamers, and other fun-loving members of the league will probably miss him — unless the new father of a two-week-old soccer ball is actually just a jerk and not an entertainer.”

Captain’s armband in the action shot, freakin obviously.

You could have shown me the bullet points in that email and told me they were a list of reasons why this kid was inducted into the Recreational Soccer League Hall of Fame and I would have one thousand percent believed you. That makes a butt ton more sense than him getting booted out of the league for them.

Diego can take his phone and go fly a kite. Brian is a gentleman, a trail blazer and probably a scholar and deserves to have his name chanted by fans from Maine to California. Have fun being shitty and stupid, North Side Co Ed Soccer League.

I would love to sit down and have a beer with this legend when he’s of legal drinking age. In Natty Light bro tanks.


10 thoughts on “Westlake senior kicked out of soccer league for being the man”

  1. He got kicked out just for all these great deeds? That’s some bull!!! Give him an award or something. This Brian guy to me, is a legend for his age. He must be really good to score that many goals in one game!


  2. Don’t be a dunce. Plain and simple. It may be a little harsh, but you need to obey the rules that are put in place. Some of the excuse are silly, but is it really that hard to put on Shinguards? No. Do you really need to score 14 goals, then try to play after receiving a red card? Absolutly not. Eating and being on your phone on the field is immature, especially as a team captain. Show some class.


    1. Emily, no offense, but you are a boring and bland person. You will someday meet another boring and bland person and marry him/her. (probably him, cuz her would make u somehow interesting). You will both live a boring and bland life, and have boring and bland children.
      Some of us in this small universe want more out of life. Brian is most definitely this kinda guy. If we all “obeyed the rules thatg are put in place”, we would all be boring and bland people like you. I cannot imagine a more terrible world than that. Go do something silly and fun for Christ’s sake.

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  3. Dude, this is fake news! First of all, there is no north side in Cleveland.. North is the lake. Second of all, please do yourself a favor and do not google Cleveland Steamers..it’s not what you think it is.


    1. “…but Ohio’s North Side Co-Ed Soccer League…”

      “Garruto, a senior and member of the boys’ varsity soccer team at Westlake (Ohio) High School…”

      Didn’t pay any attention to the article, did you?


  4. This young man is the epitome of what this city’s sports mentality needs. He’s obviously good (14 goals), can multitask (phone calls & snacks whilst playing) and impeccable fashion sense (EVERYONE KNOWS cowboy hats and shin guards are NEVER to be worn together).

    6CS extended an open invite to this young man to any/all AFC Cleveland games this summer… I’d be proud to share my spot in the stands with him any day.


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