Guy from Willoughby, Australia mistakenly calls Willoughby PD


“WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — The Willoughby Police Department received a call from slightly outside its jurisdiction this week when it was mistakenly connected to an Australian caller.

The man  — who was calling from the Sydney suburb of Willoughby — identified himself as a member of a local bowling club and asked if officers could help prevent break-ins.

Confusion ensued.”

That’s just good clean humor right there folks. Classic mix up. If you can’t laugh at your local police department, who can you laugh at? That’s what I always say.

“Oh right. That’s why you have an accent. Ahhhhh-kay.”

Love this Australian guy more than anything in the world. Just your stereotypical, happy-go-lucky Aussie, looking out for local businesses. He’s the reason people answer “Hmmm…Australia would be cool” when asked where they would go if they could travel anywhere. Even after the mix up, just polite as hell. “Well heck, while I have you on here how’s the weather up there?” Those kids breaking into the bowling alley were probably only doing so to practice so they could get scholarships to college, too. I wish I had an Australian friend.

PS Don’t lie you looked up what 20 degrees centigrade was in American too and also what centigrade means

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