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VIDEO: Crowd of Kent State students went clown hunting last night

Shout out to all the kids in that video (especially the girl that called the clown a pussy) for doing God’s work out there last night. If they found him, I can’t imagine the repercussions would’ve been that ugly with campus security apparently involved, but they did give him that one moment of poop in his pants when he saw a cell-phone wielding mob of students heading his way. That in itself is worth it.

I cannot put into words how over clowns I am. They’re the scum of the earth and deserve nothing less than public humiliation and poor luck the rest of their dumb lives. I can handle these bozos in regular clown environments. I do not like them but I can handle them. However, when I walk to my car in the morning to go to work and have to wonder if there’s a fucking CLOWN WAITING FOR ME IN MY GARAGE, that’s a little much for me. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

God forbid one of them starts running towards me like I see in these videos. Barring a complete physical lockup, I would not hesitate one instant to absolutely wail on its multicolored ass and send it right back down to the fiery ball pit from which it came.

So yuck it up while you can, psychopaths.¬†It’s¬†all fun and games until you scare the wrong 2nd Amendment lover.

PS I think I speak for all undecided voters when I say, you want to jump the competition on my ballot in November? Introduce some motherfucking clown legislation.

You Can Own Johnny Manziel’s Recently Listed Avon Home For $489,900

If those walls could talk…

Once you get cut by the Browns, there’s no point in keeping your golf course home any longer.

Looking through these pictures it almost seems as if I’ve been inside this house before. Something seems familiar.

There it is, I’ve been in the basement


And got tricked that this picture was taken inside of the house on those #SaturdayNights



I’d love to take a page out of Room Raiders (Shoutout to MTV when they had good shows) and explore this house inch by inch. Grab a blacklight and let’s get nuts.

I’m not opposed to starting a GoFundMe to try and buy this house and move the Bottlegate headquarters there.


Heres the listing from Realtor.com

Spectacular golf course home with stunning golf course views of fairway & water! Immediate occupancy. This home was originally a Petros Model loaded with Upgrades. Great features like large first floor master suite, vaulted ceilings, Pella windows, open kitchen to great room, & entertainment bar, formal dining, granite counter tops, private side patio with fireplace & grill, large rear deck with spectacular golf course views, 3 car garage with a garage door opener to backyard for golf cart access, spacious finished basement for great entertaining, full bath, bar and media room. Private library off stair landing plus 2 additional bedrooms and full bath on second floor, custom blinds throughout, hardwood floors, tiled baths, plus so much more!

Pics via here


At least it seems to be left in better shape than that Airbnb he rented 

Check out Realtor.com for more photos and info of the Avon house

Southeast Ohio man forgets to get wife Valentine’s Day gift, promptly receives mini bat to the head

From Cleveland.com:

“BELPRE TOWNSHIP, Ohio ‚ÄĒ A southeast Ohio woman is facing charges after she reportedly beat her husband with a¬†mini baseball bat because he did not buy her a Valentine’s Day present.

Kimberly Hammond, 46, was arrested Sunday in Belpre Township, which is located on the Ohio River near Parkersburg, West Virginia.

According to thenewscenter.tv, Hammond’s husband, John Hammond,¬†told deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department his wife¬†had been drinking Sunday morning and an argument turned physical. After hitting and scratching his face, she grabbed the mini baseball bat and began beating him, eventually knocking him unconscious.

When deputies¬†arrived, they found the husband with several injuries, including a large knot on his head, according to thenewscenter.tv. He declined medical treatment.”

Mixed bag of emotions for me¬†here.¬†On one hand I want to immediately jump on this poor guy’s side and berate his psychopath wife.¬†He didn’t get her a 10 dollar card that would be in the garbage in two days or a bouquet of flowers that’d be dead in a week for a fake holiday, and he gets his ass knocked out on a beautiful Sunday morning. That’s what we in the business call a¬†“red flag.”

All that being said…I think I’m Team Kim on this one.

Call me crazy but I have a feeling this woman had mentioned once or twice that she wanted something for Valentine’s Day. Just guessing based on the fact that she, you know, knocked her husband unconscious for not getting her anything. This was most certainly not a case of “I didn’t know we were getting each other something!” So at that point I think I blame John for laziness and good old fashioned stupidity if we’re being honest. I know it’s a pain buddy, I know, but if you muster enough will power to get your ass off your couch and go buy that card¬†or¬†bouquet of flowers, you don’t get knocked out by your wife. Pretty simple. Hell I’d be willing to pay considerably more than 10 dollars for a card to not get bashed in the head with a mini bat.¬†You’re really buying a gift for yourself if you think about it.

Refusing medical treatment is really John’s¬†only play at the end there though. Try to save what little face he¬†had¬†left. It’s bad enough your drunk wife shut your lights off with a mini baseball bat…just get these officers of the law and paramedics outta there so you can soak in your own self-loathing in peace. Like when you’re waiting for your order at McDonald’s and they start reading “Uhh I’ve got four McDoubles no mustard, a 20 piece nugget, two large f…” “YEP, that’s me.” Thanks, dick. You saw me walk in¬†alone and I’m not standing with anyone. We¬†both know what’s going on here. Spare me a little dignity for God’s sake.