This Week In Cleveland Craigslist Missed Connections

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “This Week In Cleveland Craigslist Missed  Connections.” Good batch this week from the weirdos who think posting in Craigslist about that girl they saw in line at Speedway will somehow get them laid. Let’s get started.



Who knew the Eastlake Walmart was poppin like this? Lots of cat talk in this post, hopefully this guy gets some.


Nothing says romance like Circle K, gyro chips, win, and Reese’s. Maybe these 2 Circle K jerkers can meet up later in that white Jeep and make their own yummy pie.


Any 21 year old who willingly wants to hook up with 60 year old chicks needs to have their brain examined. I respect the double meaning of the “I’m good with my hands and enjoy fixing things in need.” Old girls probably love that.


After 2 weeks of doing these I’ve noticed that 50% of these missed connections occur at gas stations or convenience stores while waiting in line. Love knows no bounds I guess.


Well? Ladies? I bet this dude is a blast to Snap Chat with.


Straight and to the point. Shooters keep shooting no matter what. I like the cut of this dude’s jib.


  1. I’m pretty sure she’s ignoring you.
  2. Don’t use the C in reference to vaginas. Pretty sure that’s a no no.



Read the above posting. Pretty weird, right? Now look to the right and see that this guy is 50 years old. And now I’ve never been more creeped out in my life. Wouldn’t be surprised if this guy likes to dance in front of a video camera and has a 15 foot hole in his house. In fairness though, I don’t know how anyone in their right mind would be able to turn down such a good offer.

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