Dwayne Bowe’s quotes from today sure are something

Bowe said some OUTLANDISH stuff today after Coach Pettine announced he’ll be active Sunday. Here’s the full video via Hayen Grove (@H_Grove – if you aren’t following him for pretty much all CLE sports yet, go do that) on Scout.com. I’ve transcribed some of it below.

(on the rumors of him getting cut)

“They say that? I never even heard of that. I know what goes on in this building. These guys love me, they know I’m a great teammate and a great player. It’s time to make plays and I’ve been doing it my whole career so that’s not going to change.”

(on the expectations of a big free agent contract)

“It’s like that every year with everybody. Unfortunately I’m just that guy that got injured and had to fight my way back to get to the top. I fought my way so many years in Kansas City so, but it doesn’t matter. Once I hit the field running, you guys will love it.”

(on being on the field for only 8 snaps in Week 2)

“I’m just getting acclimated. Play at a play at a time. We have so many play makers it seems like everybody’s getting put on the back burner but we have play makers it just takes time to get it going.”

(on if the quarterback situation makes it difficult to get timing down)

“No. We practice every day so the timing, I have really good timing with all the quarterbacks, actually. It’s just doing it in the game is what everybody is waiting on. Once that happens, the questions will be minimized.”

(on the TMZ report about Johnny Manziel and Josh McCown)

“Heard a little glimpse about it but that was the craziest thing. Nobody …..(indecipherable)….. It’s family business but, when the season goes the way it starts like this, eyebrows raise but we know what we got. We got a tight group, we all for each other.”


“Excuse me, monsieur? (Points to Dwayne Bowe) I’ll have what he’s having.” Jesusssss. Give the guy some credit — he 100% has been hearing about how bad he sucks and what a waste of money he is for the past two months but he came out today guns-a-blazin. These are some Grade A quotes. If you don’t think I’m going to work “play at a play at a time” into every Browns conversation I have from here on out, you’re outside of your mind.

Bold stance to take on our “play makers” too – it’s not often you see a guy defend a clearly deficient group of players by saying they’re actually all so good that no one has a chance to make any plays. Can’t knock the hustle.

Looking forward to questions being minimized on Sunday.

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