Video: The NBA FInals May Have Just Turned After This Guy Challenged Steph Curry To A Fight


I’m still down a little bit after last night’s game, not going to lie. But this right here, this right here makes me more confident than ever.

All the Cavs have to do is take 1 game in Oracle during the Finals because there’s zero chance this face:


won’t be in the back of Steph’s head when the series goes to Cleveland. No way Steph plays at an MVP level with that threat looming. I don’t care who you are, when you’re being called out in such a vicious and public way, you’ll never play 100%. It’s no surprise this video dropped yesterday and Steph went 4-15 with 11 points. On second thought, this guy should make a video challenging Shaun Livingston to a fight too.

And I’d take this dude 100 out of 100 times in a fight with Steph too. That guy just looks like he has seen some shit, man. Plus old man strength always wins.

Did the Cavs just unlock their secret weapon? I’m not saying they did but I’m not saying they didn’t.


Not everyone feels the same way as I do apparently


“God dammit, dad. Stop challenging professional athletes to fights.”

2 thoughts on “Video: The NBA FInals May Have Just Turned After This Guy Challenged Steph Curry To A Fight”

  1. This guy looks like a really angry old man. Someone at WKNR/ESPN needs to pick this up and run with it. Can’t tell how big the dude is, but he looks pissed. I would bet my house he has thrown and taken more punches in his day than Steph Curry has.


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