This “We Are Cleveland” Video Is Fantastic And Will Calm You Down After The Cavs Game 1 Loss


That’s it. That’s the stuff. I needed something to calm me down this morning and this did it. I was going to write a recap and bitch about Lue’s rotations, JR’s disappearing act, turnovers, LeBron’s minutes, Channing Frye’s lack of minutes, and defensive strategies till I was blue in the face. But I’m not. It’s only one game and I’m strangely calm and strangely optimistic even after a 15 point drubbing. Winning an NBA Finals series was never going to be easy. Especially vs this Warriors team. The Cavs haven’t been down in a playoff series in a year so we’re all feeling a little shook right now.

Scrolling through Twitter yesterday I saw that Andre Knott posted this and I made it a point to watch this early in the morning today. Pretty freaking good. That ending, man…

This was made by the original “Believeland” director Kris Belman (who made More Than A Game). I hope that a longer version gets released because I really enjoyed this one.

Any Cleveland video that plays Roc Boys is a video I can endorse.

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