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Video: The NBA FInals May Have Just Turned After This Guy Challenged Steph Curry To A Fight


I’m still down a little bit after last night’s game, not going to lie. But this right here, this right here makes me more confident than ever.

All the Cavs have to do is take 1 game in Oracle during the Finals because there’s zero chance this face:


won’t be in the back of Steph’s head when the series goes to Cleveland. No way Steph plays at an MVP level with that threat looming. I don’t care who you are, when you’re being called out in such a vicious and public way, you’ll never play 100%. It’s no surprise this video dropped yesterday and Steph went 4-15 with 11 points. On second thought, this guy should make a video challenging Shaun Livingston to a fight too.

And I’d take this dude 100 out of 100 times in a fight with Steph too. That guy just looks like he has seen some shit, man. Plus old man strength always wins.

Did the Cavs just unlock their secret weapon? I’m not saying they did but I’m not saying they didn’t.


Not everyone feels the same way as I do apparently


“God dammit, dad. Stop challenging professional athletes to fights.”

Those bizarre Taiwanese Animators are back with another NBA Finals preview

They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

Those weird ass Taiwanese Animators dropped this year’s NBA Finals preview video yesterday. Last year’s edition featured LeBron spraying Rogaine in Steph’s face, Delly laying on the ground with blades for legs and cutting Klay Thompson’s leg off at the knee, and Draymond Green hurling cans of SpaghettiOs out of his mouth. No way they could top that this year, right?

You don’t know the GD Taiwanese.

We start out with Bron and Steph trading bitch slaps, standing on turntables for some reason:


Bron and Kev then proceed to run over a crying, cheerleading Drake in a convertible:


The Warriors had to come back from a 3-1 deficit against OKC, so next we see Steph kindly giving Kevin Durant from “Oklachoke City” (Chokelahoma was too easy) the Heimlich (and he spits out a ninja turtle?) before draining a backwards three-quarters court shot.

LeBron is quite literally murdering the rim so far in the playoffs:


This is why you keep the thing that guards your mouth, IN your mouth Stephanie:


Kassius Klay makes an appearance raining some 3’s, taking the form of what looks like a cement block. This one didn’t do it for me. Last I checked, Klay isn’t known for being tough. Swing and miss, Taiwan.

Immediate redemption though, with Draymond punting Bron in the fellas four times before tripping poor little Kyrie and Wonder Bread Kevin Love:


The supporting cast makes their first appearance, featuring Harrison Barnes as a barn, Channing Frye as a thing of french fries, JR Smith on a hoverboard and Andre Iguodala as regular Andre Iguodala:


The video takes a graphic turn when LeBron flops and falls backwards into an ocean and gets eaten by a shark:


And we finally wrap things up with LeBron getting crushed by Block and Steph, riding a gigantic shoe and holding the Larry O’Brien:


I guess that means they’re picking Golden State? Who fucking knows with these guys. Entertaining as always though.

11 hours.


ICYMI, Steph Curry is BACK

(h/t /u/bootum)



I know everyone has bad games and you could cut up some Cavs highlights from the past few clunkers that look even worse than this….but that doesn’t change the fact that this video is hands down the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

For those of you out there still clinging on to the “It’s hard to hate Steph” train, I present to you the events of the past 72 hours. After heroically returning from basically a hangnail of the knee he suffered in the first round (or an MCL sprain depending on who you talk to), Steph proclaimed himself to be “here” as well as “back” after a 17 point overtime period in Game 4 of the WCSF against the Blazers (see above GIF). However, he was apparently lying. The Warriors have gone down 3-1 to the Thunder in tremendous fashion, and although Steph is technically “there”, he is apparently not “back”.

A report comes out after last night’s 6-20 from the field, 2-10 from three and six turnover performance that Steph is playing at 70% strength, battling to come “back” from the knee injury he already said he was “back” from. I’m “confused”.


I mean come on. This doesn’t come out if the Warriors didn’t just  get emasculated on national TV two games in a row. We can all agree that he hasn’t been the same player since his return, but it’s pretty convenient timing for a report to confirm it.

Now I’m not going to straight up call Steph a liar and the Warriors sore losers because I’m a class act and that’s not how we do things at Bottlegate, but you’re all free to draw your own conclusions.