Oh Look, Danny Shelton Has A 12 Foot High Vertical In Madden

Get ’em Danny!

We’re big fans of video game “highlights” over here. Whether it’s the dude losing his shit on a bogus call in the Super Bowl or Kevin Love shooting 75 foot free throws at the wrong basket, I personally can’t get enough of these things. Is it juvenile to laugh at something so dumb? Probably. Will that ever stop me? Not a chance.

He leaps, he hustles, he takes up blocks.

Hopefully we see some of these moves from Shelton this Sunday vs the Chargers. I’d love to see him dropkick Philip Rivers’s dumb look right off of his face. Can’t imagine a Danny Shelton falling on you from 12 feet would feel pretty good.

PS- I’m posting this while I’m in the middle of a flight to San Diego for the weekend. I’m never not getting Internet on a plane ever again. What a time to be alive.

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