This Is 100000% Real Audio Of A Bigfoot In Cuyahoga Valley National Park


The 2015 recording was obtained by Charlie Page (Ohio BFRO) in northeast Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) around 11pm in March. There have been sporadic sightings, sounds and track finds near and within this park for decades. It is an amazing, beautiful area but it is not well known outside Ohio. The size of the park is 52 square miles, 50% larger than Manhattan (34 square miles).

Charlie says his sound recorder was within 1000 feet a scenic vista point named Hemlock Point. The white noise in the background is traffic noise from a freeway (I-271) which cuts through the park. The animal howls more than once from basically the same area but seems to face a different direction for each howl. Distant response whoops can be heard in the background at points.

Audio HERE

There’s a couple things in life that I’m absolutely certain of- The ’95 Indians were the best team to never win a championship; Joel Skinner should have sent Kenny Lofton; Mozgov didn’t travel; and Tim Couch would have been a Pro Bowler if not for Chris Palmer and a dreadful offensive line.

Add this Bigfoot audio to my list of certainty. That right there is 100% undoubtedly, no questions asked, clear as day audio of a Bigfoot in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Probably in distress. Most likely hungry. Indisputably Sasquatch.

Sometimes I venture over to CVNP to take my dog for a walk. Great place. Beautiful trails, rivers, a waterfall, ponds, etc. A PERFECT ecosystem to support the on-the-go Bigfoot lifestyle. You can bet your ass next time I go I’ll be doing my best Bobo impression while I’m there on the trails. A couple knocks here, a couple woops there. I fully expect to hear some howls back. Everybody knows Bigfoots respond well to random humans making weird sounds in the woods, that’s just a fact.

I can see it now: Mike from Bottlegate; Cleveland Blogger & Professional Bigfoot Hunter. Sounds pretty legit if you ask me.

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