I Went On A Podcast And Didn’t Totally Embarrass Myself

Listen here

So as some of you may know I went and chopped it up with Craig Lyndall from Waiting For Next Year (the OG’s of the Cleveland sports blog scene) last night on his podcast. We talked about sports media today, blogs, media in Cleveland, “OIC” stuff, and the Cavs.

Full admission- I was nervous as hell and truly thought I would turn into a mute once the pod started rolling. Thankfully by some act of God I was able to speak and have actual words fall out of my mouth.

Go check it out.

I’ve listened to the first 10 minutes so far and all I could think of was this line from Beanie from Old School as he’s wrapping up his speech at Frank’s wedding:

I’m not a talker. I’m not a talker.

Big S/O and thanks to Craig for having me. If I ever get invited back on I’ll be sure to bring way more hot takes.

PS- Really need to work on not mumbling “yeah”  every time Craig says something. C’mon Mike, act like you’ve been there before.


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