The top reasons to hate the Boston Celtics and the entire Boston fanbase if you’re a Cavs fan

If you’ve been following along with Bottlegate you’ll know that sports hate is one of our main themes on the site. It’s healthy to keep your hate sharp in sports. Whether it’s hating Oregon in the National Champioship or you’re hating Wisconsin Whitewater if you’re a Mount Union fan, hate keeps the world spinning.

Our first Playoff Hate Mode victim is the Boston Celtics and the entire Boston fanbase. My personal opinion is that Boston fans are the most unbearable on Earth. They whine, they bitch, they have a superiority complex and they talk like dolts.

Here we go. All aboard the hate train CHOO CHOO!!


Bill Simmons


I used to like Bill Simmons. I really did. He used to be the “average Joe sports fan” and he was great at it. But a couple years at ESPN, a couple years living in LA, and a couple few thousand celebrity name drops in his columns have rendered him completely unbearable.

This was his reaction after the Cavs won the NBA Lottery last year. Shut up Bill. If you’re not with us, you’re against us and Bill Simmons is definitely not with us.


Keep your hate sharp and keep hating Bill


Marcus Smart


If you like rooting against dirty players who purposely punch guys in the dick, then Marcus Smart is the man for you!

Marcus Smart Ejected After Punching Matt Bonner In The Balls

If you like rooting against renowned floppers, then Marcus Smart is the man for you!

I guarantee Marcus Smart catches one on the chin this series. The dude is a punk ass, has been since college. Before the draft last year he said in an interview he’d like to play against LeBron James. When he got drafted by the Celtics last year he reiterated the same thing.


 Well Marcus you get your chance on Sunday and I hate you.

This fucking kid



Screw you dude. You don’t even know what it feels like to be a real fan. You’re a teenager and you’ve never experienced the pain of defeat. You take those parades for granted you spoiled prick.

Hate on a hundred thousand trillion


The Boston fanbase


The Boston fanbase manages to simultaneously sport superiority AND inferiority complexes. You can’t have it both ways. They used to be the blue collar, underdog fans of sports. Now they’re the whiny crybaby fanbase. Bitching about Deflategate, Simmons bitching about the NBA Lottery. Shut up you Beantown pricks, just shut up. You can’t have it both ways. Either you’re still the gritty fans, or you’re the sissy nancyboy fans… You’re definitely the latter.

And I hate you all.


The Bostonian


If you’ve ever listened to a sports talk radio show in the Cleveland area, chances are you’ve heard this guy. With his annoying Boston accent he’s been a fixture on the Cleveland airwaves for as long as I can remember. Most Clevelanders hate him, I happen to think he’s hilarious. But nothing and I mean nothing will make me happier than hearing him talk in circles after the Cavs lay a beatdown on the Celtics and sweep the opening series.

Hate you Pete (jk I kinda love you but 99% of Ohio hates you)

This shirt


lebronbitch1 lebronbitch2 lebronbitch3

Burn it. Enjoy wearing it while we’re in the finals this years, bitches.

Everyone that wears this is the most hateable person on Earth.

Their ugly disgusting accent


I don’t know how an entire region could be so dumb. Honestly, the way Bostonians pronounce words is mind boggling. Like, they have no regards for letters or pronunciation. Do they just not care? Or are they just illiterate? I don’t man, I just don’t know.

I hate the way you talk and probably hate the way you look.


They talk shit about teams with a “Big 3” yet if they never had a Big 3 they’d have never won a title


Just a typical Boston being Boston thing. Scumbag hypocrisy at it’s finest.

I hate hypocrites.


It’s kind of amazing how much I didn’t mind Marcus Smart until writing this post. He’s got Joakim Noah and Miguel Cabrera level of hatred right now. Speaking of Joakim Noah, THAT hatred list is going to be fun to do (if we end up facing them)


I leave you with the best video I’ve ever laid eyes on

3 thoughts on “The top reasons to hate the Boston Celtics and the entire Boston fanbase if you’re a Cavs fan”

  1. I’m from Boston my boyfriend is from Ohio, I rep Celtics and of course he reps the Cavs. Its all love over here… Do we talk shit? YES! do we debate? YES! do we rep hard for our teams FUCK YEAH! Its apart of SPORTS, don’t like it? don’t watch it…

    With all due respect, it sounds like you’re the one bitching, wining and crying. The fact that you stated “I hate” about 30 times in this blog just makes you miserable person, on top of that you’re calling a 13 year old a “spoiled prick” and what does our accents have to do with basketball? You act as if people in other states don’t pronounce words differently, from the south to west we all talk differently (but yet we have top schools in the entire country) lol. What does this entire blog have to do with basketball? Marcus Smart stated he want to play against the greatest? How does him calling “LeBron James” one of the greatest make him a punk ass???

    The only spoiled, wining, crying punk ass is you sweetness… So please take a seat because you are making Cleveland Fans look bad. As I said My boyfriend is from Ohio. I have respect for his team and he has respect for ours. Its not that serious hun, “It’s Just a GAME” have fun talk shit, BUT don’t bark if you don’t like being barked at…


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