Check Out The Moves On This Security Guard During Last Night’s Browns Game

#browns #cleveland #losers #brownbags

A video posted by Igor D (@djnigor) on

So as I was browsing Instagram for good Browns fan reaction videos, I came across this security guard breaking it down with Chomps and the elf.

A little bright spot to yesterday’s loss. Pretty sure we just discovered the next contestant on “America’s Got Talent.” This dude has some fucking MOVES! May be the best dancer in Cleveland aside from Super Pimp dancing at 1:30 am on a Saturday night at Velvet Dog.

I also imagine this is how Dwayne Bowe looks every morning when he thinks about his $9 million guaranteed contract this season while only catching 3 passes. Must be nice, Dwayne.

PS- Did the guy really have to hashtag “losers” though? Man…

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