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A Collection Of Hype Videos To Take You From Six To Midnight Before The Game

#2 Ohio State. #3 Michigan. Noon. Columbus. Biggest rivalry in American sports.

OOOO boy. Big one today, fellas.

Here are some hype videos to ease your nerves/get you so worked up that you develop a brain aneurysm and your head explodes and you don’t end up seeing one second of the game today. Either one works.

That song BANGS. For your downloading pleasure it’s: A Perfect Circle- Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

This one from Eleven Warriors is sure to take you from 6 to midnight

You’ll Officially Be Ready For Ohio State-Michigan After This Pump Up Speech

God damn am I ready to run through a brick wall after that. Some people find motivation through different practices. My motivation comes from middle aged men yelling into a cell phone camera telling me that I should be FIRED UP for the Michigan-OSU game this weekend. Different strokes for different folks.


This Buckeyes Hype Video Will Actually Get You Excited For Today’s Tulsa Game


Look, Ohio State will probably win by 30+ if they take this game seriously and not look forward to next weekend’s showdown with Oklahoma. That doesn’t mean we can’t manufacture some excitement around here and this video does just that. Don’t know how someone can get excited for a 3:30 game on a Saturday afternoon vs Tulsa yet here I find myself foaming at the mouth and ready to run through a wall.

The whole slate of college football games today stinks but I’m really looking forward to that Va. Tech v Tennessee game tonight for some reason.

Go bucks

Buckeyes 42 Tulsa 13

h/t 11w