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You’ll Officially Be Ready For Ohio State-Michigan After This Pump Up Speech

God damn am I ready to run through a brick wall after that. Some people find motivation through different practices. My motivation comes from middle aged men yelling into a cell phone camera telling me that I should be FIRED UP for the Michigan-OSU game this weekend. Different strokes for different folks.


VIDEO: Former OSU safety Tyvis Powell with Dustin Fox

(also on ClevelandBrowns.com if that YouTube clip gets taken down)

“This is my team. This is my team, man!…There’s nothing I’d rather do than wear that orange and brown. There’s something about that orange and brown!”

I don’t give a damn WHAT analytics say, this is the kind of guy I want in my locker room. Just oozing personality. And I know he probably does the whole “I want more than anything to play for the _______” bit for most/all of the other teams, all the prospects do. Can’t blame em’. But he is a Bedford guy who played at Ohio State, so this might not be complete smoke.

I’ve seen him anywhere from the 5th-6th to the end of the 1st round in mocks. He seems to be trending up at the moment, and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that’ll continue after Senior Bowl this Saturday.



VIDEO: Thad Matta trolls idiot Stanford fan after beating Illinois

Anyone else emotionally hung over?

Cleveland Twitter had one for the ages yesterday thanks to our beloved Browns. They lost to their archrival (thus ushering them politely into the playoffs), fired their head coach and general manager, couldn’t locate their starting quarterback from the previous week and announced that 3/4 of the team that is tasked with hiring their new head coach (who will “have a say” in who they hire as his boss) will be our inept owner, his wife and a lawyer, the last of which has final say over our 53-man roster. Have a day.

I’m guessing, at least for most of you, that Ohio State’s win over Illinois (to go to 2-0 in B1G play) on the hardwood got lost in all that hoopla. So unless I’m wrong, and I rarely am,

you probably missed this nugget from Thad Matta after the game:

Love it. Normally I’d laugh for different reasons if someone ever used “Heisman” and “Marc Loving” in the same sentence, but your boy dropped a career-high 27 yesterday after a solid 20 burger in the B1G opener against Minnesota.