Best story ever: OSU-Michigan argument on the Jet Express leads to a brawl between couples and arrests

From 13 ABC

A Michigan-Ohio State football argument on the Jet Express allegedly prompted a fight that resulted in assault charges.

Witnesses say the rivalry argument turned physical between two couples with a woman pulling another woman’s hair and the two men throwing punches at each other.

It divides households and pits neighbor against neighbor.

Buckeyes versus Wolverines.


People fight over dumb stuff. We’ve got Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift fighting on Twitter over irrelevant MTV Awards. We’ve had people in Beachwood Mall fighting over getting their Jordans stepped on. There was a woman who got stabbed in the eye with a fork over ribs. All dumb. All stupid fights. All pointless.

But not this.

This is what college football rivalries are about. Middle of the summer; On the way home from Put In Bay; In the middle of Lake Erie; No better time nor place to defend the honor of your state’s university. The OSU-Michigan rivalry never stops. There are no off days. It doesn’t take a summer vacation. No. This shit is 24/7 365. Some trash Michigan fan wants to come to Ohio and run their mouth about how good the Wolverines are? Questionable strategy but you better believe there’s a chance they’ll get popped in the mouth, get their hair pulled, or get thrown overboard on the Jet Express into the Lake. That’s college football. This is the Big 10, this ain’t the pussy SEC Conference.

What could the Michigan couple possible be arguing here anyway? Team? Coach? Stadium? Roster? All advantages for the Buckeyes. The ONLY thing Michigan has going for itself right now is Jim Harbaugh and that lunatic’s about five minutes away from spontaneously combusting in his khakis.


Ohio State; We’ll beat you on the field and we’ll beat you on the lake.


PS- I’m a Miller Ferry guy when it comes to Put In Bay. Nothing better than downing a couple beers aboard the ferry on your way to rage in PIB.


2 thoughts on “Best story ever: OSU-Michigan argument on the Jet Express leads to a brawl between couples and arrests”

  1. Andy, well put……oh, um……let’s look at the win/loss record…..oopsies……you loose. AGAIN! Bwahahaha


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