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Mishmash- DO NOT protest in this kid’s library; Woman goes nuts and strips down at LA Fitness; Savage Jeopardy 3-1 lead jokes 

Cleveland pic of the day

An NHL ref is caught on a hot mic saying “fuck you” to a player

Some woman went nuts and stripped down at an LA Fitness. Bold.

Dwight Howard just can’t stop talking about D

This man is a damn legend and deserves a seat at the table for this awesome troll job of the Golden State Warriors

Marquette King is a punting magician

Don’t you DARE protest in the library on this kid’s watch

90’s song of the day



Mishmash- LeBron Jr is a problem on the hardwood; Guy breaks his back deadlifting; Waka Flocka wipes his butt w/Trump jersey 

Cleveland pic of the day

LeBron Jr looks like he may be a problem on the hardwood

The Internet says that this guy broke his back doing this deadlift… And now I will never do another deadlift again

200,000 sparklers at once? 200,000 sparklers at once.

Ah, the ol’ backflip, land on your feet, then do a between the legs dunk off your vertical

Marshawn Lynch is casually popping wheelies and almost getting hit by buses in Scotland

Waka Flocka wiped his butt with a Trump jersey while he was performing. So there’s that.

90’s song of the day

Mishmash- Bills Mafia tailgate elbow drop; Video of woman chasing 3 burglars out of her house; Kurt Angle 65 Vicodin a day

Cleveland pic of the day

The Bills played at home yesterday and that means we get Bills Mafia tailgate videos

This old guy standing on the sidelines of the Bears-Cowboys game last night got absolutely crushed

The girl who got hit in the face on a kickoff in the LSU-Auburn game may have been the best part of the college football weekend

Woman defends her house against 3 burglars

Kurt Angle said he would take up to 65 Vicodin a day

Love Penn State’s fat kicker running down the field and delivering hits on kickoffs

90’s song of the day