Dwayne Bowe Being Named A Team Captain For Yesterday’s Game Is Really Really Dumb

First off, I know the Browns do this for players on the roster that have ties to the opposing team. Ex: Paul Kruger was a captain for the Ravens game because he used to play for the team and Danny Shelton went to the University of Washington so he was a captain against the Seahawks. Pettine does this every week. I think it’s pretty dumb but whatever. I know he has to be consistent but… come on.

Yesterday before the game guess who was out there at midfield calling the coin toss? Yup, Mr. $9 million guaranteed aka Mr Dwayne Bowe aka Mr. 5 catches aka Mr. Healthy Scratch.

So the guy who’s been inactive for 8 out of 15 games this season was representing the team before the game. This guy, the ultimate teammate:

The fact that Dwayne Bowe was a captain Sunday is a joke. The fact that he got got a pass thrown to him is a joke. The fact that he was active is a joke. The fact that he’s still on the team is a joke.


I could be way off base here but if you’re a player on the Browns and you find out that Bowe is a captain, wouldn’t you be pissed? That a guy who sat out training camp, doesn’t play, is out of shape, made $9 million, and who has 5 catches on the year is representing you and your team before a game? That’s kind of a slap in the face, no? And how about if you’re a player on Kansas City? How do you not laugh when you see him as an opposing captain before the game?

This whole shenanigan is like a real life version of this scene in Remember The Titans. The decisions this team continues to make is flat out bonkers.

One of the dumber things the Browns have done this season and that’s saying a lot.

Good thing Mr. Healthy Scratch backed up his tweet

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