Mishmash- Meth, scooters, Wal Mart, wine, & chicken; Free weed in Denver; Johnny’s Four Loko; LEGO Millennium Falcon

Cleveland pic of the day


Woman is accused of doing some meth and riding a motorized scooter through Wal Mart while she was drinking wine and eating chicken and I don’t see what the problem is here


Girl pranks her dad at Christmas into thinking that she was pregnant. Good Lord.


People pass out free weed to raise awareness for homelessness or something. Just a really well thought out idea. Denver sounds cool.


Father (dork) spends a year building a Millennium Falcon out of LEGOS

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)


Here’s Johnny drinking a Four Loko in his basement on Christmas. This is going to be fun to hear about for the next 3 days on sports talk radio.

A Merry Manziel Christmas.

A video posted by @bustedcoverage on


This compilation of people stealing UFC fighter’s hats is actually pretty funny


Cops pull over cars and give them Christmas gifts. Pretty cool.

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