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Richard Jefferson Announced He’s Returning To The Cavs In The Only Way Possible; On Snapchat

Really though,  was there any other option for how Richard Jefferson was going to announce his re-signing?  He HAD to do it on Snapchat, just had to. A snap video announcing he signed a 2 year deal with Lil Kev in the background and “I’m Coming Home” playing is the most Richard Jefferson thing ever.

Other people around the NBA might look and think that the signing of a 36 year old Richard Jefferson isn’t a big deal but us Cavs fans know how important he is to the team on and off of the court. Anytime you can get someone who started a game in the NBA Finals back for a few more years, it’s a no brainer. Plus now we get a full season of RJ and Channing Frye shenanigans on Snapchat too so that’ll be tons of fun.

Oh, and the Cavs also got Mike Dunleavy. And the Heat lost Dwyane Wade. And #HeatNation is burning jerseys. Pretty nice little Wednesday night in the NBA.


Someone tell JR we’re getting the band back together

Email- I Celebrated The Cavs Win Too Hard And Severely Sprained My Ankle

Here is a link to a 38 second video of me celebrating the Cavs win by jumping up and down and severely spraining my ankle. Worth it. In the process I threw over my kid’s playground.

Here is an ‘after’ picture of the damage to my foot. 6 weeks Boot/Crutches. Let me know if you post it.



Whoops! In our neverending quest to post the best reaction videos to the Cavs victory last Sunday, some videos stick out a little more than others. Take Bruce here, for example. Just celebrating his team’s first title, happy as can be, throwing some shit around, screaming his head off… then boom, his ankle turns the wrong way, he hears a pop, and now he’s in a walking boot and using crutches for the next six weeks. Sucks, I guess? I’m sure Bruce would gladly sprain his ankle every day for the rest of the year if it meant a title next season too. Walk it off, Bruce. Walk it off.

This reminds me of a question posed by the producer of TNT’s Shaqtin A Fool and I still stick by my answer:


ALSO- I’m totally ignoring that it seems that he sprained his right foot and the picture is of his left foot. I don’t want a good/funny story ruined by lies.

UPDATE: Bruce emailed a pic of his foot to prove it wasn’t a hoax


Game Tape: The Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade

1.3 million friends gathered in downtown Cleveland yesterday to celebrate the city’s first championship in 52 years. We had people scaling buildings, hanging and falling from buildings, people eating poop (allegedly), JR reenacting the Lion King, Kyrie doing the Running Man, and LeBron swearing up a storm.

Let’s look at the game tape


Maybe the best championship parade picture of all time?


Dan Gilbert apparently doesn’t know who Steph Curry is

Up close and personal with The King

Let’s check in on how JR Smith’s parade went:

Coolest moment ever. JR Smith holds up a kid in the middle of the parade. Of course someone added the Lion King soundtrack to it.

Who needs a shirt when you have a ring? Not JR

According to the Internet, JR took a fans phone, snapped this picture AND wrote this caption. Legend.


He’s got my vote

A couple buddies got some butt tattoos

Hipster Tito dropped a nuke on the idiot pundits


MGK performed in front of over a million people and swung from traffic lights

The streets were packed

Needed to cool off a little

I’d suggest sunscreen for next year’s parade

Lotta people in trees yesterday

Kevin Love hasn’t taken that championship belt off for 3 days

Oh, and he also brought SI Swimsuit model Kate Bock along with him


The Other King

I’m pretty sure Mo Williams danced through the entire parade

The Mall and Lil Kev

A guy climbed a tree


Tristan had squirt guns on his float

Get that weak stuff outta here

Fuck up some commas


Kyrie greeted the crowd with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind

Then he busted out a quick Running Man Challenge

A girl dropped from the Heinen’s building and was caught by the people

And now for the overhead shots


This guy wasn’t missing this parade no matter what


A fan may or may have eaten a little poop. No one knows if it was actually poop. Could have been mud. Yep, that’s it. A fan ate some mud. Big deal.

The Free Stamp turned into a giant chair

Here’s a view from the free stamp (via Reddit)


Tristan Thompson verbally posterized Draymond Green


Channing Frye was a little sauced and he had the mic drop of the day


Here’s LeBron’s entire uncensored speech