Guy jumps a fence at the Columbus zoo and nonchalantly pets some cougars

Look, we’re very honest on this site and I’ve gotta be honest with you right now. That video was a HUGE letdown. When I clicked on the headline that said “Man jumps into cage with cougar at Columbus Zoo” I was pumped.

“Oh shit, this dude is gonna be face to face with multiple big cats and he’ll probably wrestle with some cougars, this should be wild!”

But nope.

*Sad trombone*   *Fart noise*

That said, petting a cougar just SKYROCKETED to the top of my bucket list. That’s gotta be pretty fuckin cool. Big cats in general are awesome. Cougars, Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Jaguars… all some of the coolest animals on the planet. If there was a dog sized tiger I’d adopt that shit in a heartbeat.

Next time I expect this dude to actually jump in the pen with the cougars, ride them around a little bit and wrestle with them. Anything less would be a failure and not worth my our time.



The lion enjoys watching TV with Mr Infanti and pines for him when he is away, his wife says

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