VIDEO: If You Want To Cry, Here’s A Sad Browns Montage Set To Adele’s “Hello”

Perfect. Just perfect. Made by @CharlesWulf, this is the perfect video to start your Thursday morning. Jumping offsides vs. San Diego to Dwayne Rudd to Weeden’s flip pass to DeAndre Levy, this video flawlessly encapsulates life as a Browns fan. So sad yet so great.

I cried laughing at the part where the guy started ripping off his Mingo jersey accompanied by Adele screaming “SO HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIDE.” Real tears. That’s just A+ production right there.

Seriously, watch this and try not to crack up

The shot of Bottlegate at the end warmed my heart too.

Props to @CharlesWulf for creating this masterpiece.


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