Mishmash- Guy spills a bag of dildos in the street; Drunk breaks into zoo, bear bites him; McDonald’s plain cheeseburger

Anyone see a Cavs game last night? Me neither.

Cleveland pic of the day

Florida softball player steals home on a walk

Drunk guy broke into a North Dakota zoo and had his hand bitten by a Brown Bear

A guy had bunch of dildos fall out of his bag in the middle of the street in Russia

Guy asks for a plain cheeseburger and, yep, nailed it

McDonalds customer Alex Moran, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was left stunned after his order of a plain cheeseburger saw him handed just a bun with melted cheese inside. Mr Moran, although it meant him going hungry on lunch break, saw the funny side after staff at the Leeds St Johns branch took his order of a cheeseburger with nothing but cheese on it, literally. Pictured: A photo of the cheeseburger, which he described as being more of a cheese toastie. WORDS BY GUZELIAN A McDonald's customer in West Yorkshire was left baffled and hungry after being given a bun with cheese for his order of a plain cheeseburger. Alex, Moran, from Bradford, placed an order for a cheeseburger during his lunch break at the St John's branch in Leeds. The 32-year-old was left stunned when he returned to work with the burger, only to find the McDonald's employee took his order literally and just gave him melted cheese in a bun.

Ex girlfriend pulls the ultimate troll move and spoils every episode of Game Of Thrones for her ex boyfriend

Dog saves his owner from a bear attack in the woods

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