Mishmash- Miami is worst city to live in America; Dog pops 100 balloons for Guinness record; Marshawn reviews car

Cleveland pic of the day

This dog broke the Guinness World Record for fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog

Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown dunked on a kid who said Ben Simmons was better than him

Miami is officially the worst city to live in America 

A couple of Michigan football players recreated the famous Lion King scene (JR Smith did it better)

A guy films an LA intersection with no stoplights or stop signs and it’s absolute chaos. Just ignore the narrator’s voice

This unexpected John Cena prank is pretty good even though I think some of the people might be actors (that last kid succckkss)

Matt Harvey is dejected once he finds out he doesn’t have any sunflower seeds left

Marshawn Lynch gives the best car reviews ever


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