Too Legit To Hit: Tribe Notes 7/21

What’s the Damage?



Well I think it’s safe to say it’s that time of year again. The Royals are running away with the best record in the American League and the Twins, despite having the second worst road record in the league (which happens to be identical to the Indians record in Cleveland), are 7-3 in their last 10 games and have a 3.5 game lead on the final playoff spot.¬†God knows we’re not making up 11 games on Kansas City, so…….


It’s funny too, because the Indians¬†are going to have to do something even crazier than Charlie Kelly jumping out the back of a moving van if they want to make the playoffs: start winning games at home. Of the 45 games played at Progressive Field this season, the home nine have won just 19. Nineteen. 2-9 in April, 8-7 in May, 5-8 in June and 4-3 in July. The last place Chicago White Sox have five more home wins than¬†we do. In fact, there’s only one team in the entire league that has less wins on their home turf.

I got into the home struggles a¬†bit a few weeks ago, but lately it’s been pretty obvious the blame lies on our anemic offense. We’ve scored more than three runs in a 9-inning game five times in 15 games since July 1st. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing, on what field, at what time of day or on what planet you’re on, you can’t win if you can’t score. And right now our carriages are turning to pumpkins with runners in scoring position.

The good news is we have 35 games on the road in the second half. The bad news is we have 36 at home. The brass is in a tough spot right now. We’re obviously not good enough to be considered bona fide contender, but we don’t suck quite enough to justify throwing in the towel. The week and a half leading up to the trading deadline sure will be interesting.

I don’t think anyone from any division is going to catch up to the Baby Blue Bullies any time soon.¬†They’ve gone 6-3 since losing Alex Gordon for 8 weeks, and are now rumored to be in on acquiring Reds outfielder Jay Bruce. Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto are two other names that have been “tossed around” as possible trade targets. Must be nice.

Byron Buxton may have been the bigger name but Miguel Sano has been the bigger impacts in terms of diaper dandies out in Minnesota. The rookie is slashing .326/.434/.558 with two moonballs and nine ribs since his call up at the beginning of July. Buxton, meanwhile, still hasn’t been cleared to swing a bat after¬†hitting the DL with a sprained thumb over three weeks ago. Brian Dozier is still a stud.

Aw, poor¬†Kitties. They’re 46-46 and now this is apparently happening:

Sell them. Sell them all, Dave Dombrowski. Ian Kinsler doesn’t want you to, but I do. While you’re at it, sign Andy Dirks again and then sell him too. I want nothing more than to see this franchise crash and burn to the ground. Maybe then we can dream about splitting a season series with them.

Chicago: Robin Ventura still has a job. Chris Sale still rocks. DFA’d their Opening Day starting third baseman Connor Gillaspie for Matt “Fat” Albers. Hawk Harrelson has gifted the world with a Twitter account.

In Other News

  • Jason Kipnis All-Star fun:

Jason Kipnis All-Star not fun:

  • With the series win in Cincinnati this past weekend, the Tribe took the Ohio Cup from the Reds for the second time in the past five years (two ties). Kipnis was named the Ohio Cup MVP, which is apparently a thing.
  • Indians schedule until the end of the month: two games in Milwaukee, four at home against the White Sox, three at home against Kansas City, two in Oakland.¬†Three very winnable series that will ultimately determine whether we’ll be¬†selling or buying come¬†July 31st.
  • Frankie Lindor is 6-20 since the break. Yan Gomes has a double, homer and four ribs. Michael Bourn has four hits in his last two games, just as many as he had in his previous 12. Brantley and Kipnis have 9 hits and 3 XBH’s. Brandon Moss has only struck out twice.

Hey, I’m trying here people.



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