Mishmash- Guy chugs an entire bottle of Fireball; Bully beating up blind get gets knocked the F out; Massive hockey brawl

Cleveland pic of the day


Dude chugs an entire bottle of Fireball inside of a library. I’ve seen this guy before, he goes by “Shoenice” and he’s a maniac


Heartwarming video. A bully that’s punching a blind kid gets knocked the F out by another kid. Listen to the blind kid say “I’m fucking good, Cody”


Massive hockey brawl after a ref hits one of the players… the ref proceeds to get the crap kicked out of him


A fullback from the University of North Dakota was kicked off the team for stealing merchandise from a sporting goods store WHILE he was wearing his football jersey.  


The WWE Bad Lip Reading video is definitely worth a watch


This girl “saves” a turtle… kind of sucks that that turtle can’t swim and she actually killed it

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